5 Non-Traditional Wedding Styles for the Groom

The internet is filled with unique styles for a bride, but we hear little about non-traditional styles for the groom. When thinking about a unique style for the groom, consider changing one aspect of the traditional attire. Here are five non-traditional wedding styles for the groom.

For A Non-Traditional Bowtie

Switchwood makes bow tie sets from wood for a groom who wants to add a touch of whimsy to his suit or tux. Each set will come with their favorite fabrics, shapes, and wood types, and the bows are interchangeable. The ties are colorful, and each one looks different, so the groom can have a different style for the wedding ceremony and the reception. Another option on the site is to build your own tie so the groom can coordinate with the bride.

Not a Typical Wedding Day Shirt

With a jacket on, a patterned sleeved shirt may look like every other shirt a groom wears on their wedding day. Once the jacket is removed, the shirt has a fun pattern on the sleeves which makes this is non-traditional wedding style for the groom and is another way for the groom to make a personal statement. A shirt like this is perfect because it allows you to have the traditional white shirt for the ceremony, while still breaking from tradition a bit.

Use Your Favorite Color

Yes, a black and white tux might be traditional, however, nothing says you need to wear black on your wedding day. If you’re a groom who loves playing with color, consider dressing in a favorite color on your wedding day. A colored jacket can be a unique option over black trousers. If you only want to be a little non-traditional, consider just the shirt in your favorite color.

Have Fun With Patterns

Who says a suit in a unique color is the only way to be non-traditional on your wedding day? Consider a pattern, such as plaid, in your jacket to add flair to your ensemble for the day. Take this look a step further and add a colored tie in the same pattern as your jacket.

Consider a Casual Vibe for a Beach Wedding

If your wedding venue is a beach or tropical island or even your fiancés parents backyard, consider wearing khakis instead of your traditional suit. Khakis and a nice polo offer a more relaxed vibe for a more casual atmosphere. This is another opportunity to use your favorite color in the shirt. 

Non-traditional wedding styles might be more common for brides, but that doesn’t mean that the bride is the only one who can consider a unique wedding look. For bridal looks, however, check out our Bridal collection.

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