5 Websites and Apps to Plan Your Wedding During Quarantine

Getting married is all about planning no matter the time of year your wedding takes place. With the way the world is right now, it is tough to plan and obtain some items you may need for your wedding day. The good thing about technology is that you can plan and order online. Here are five apps and websites to use while in quarantine.

For the Couple That Needs a Venue

If you’re still in the beginning stages of planning, check out WeddingWire.com for vendors and venues. The website has more 200,000 local listings, and 2.5 million reviews, given by newlyweds who used the service. Features on this site include searching by type, location, price, and rating. Other items on this website are checklists, budget templates, and etiquette tips. If you need a place to look for wedding day basics, this is the perfect site to start with.

For the Couple That Doesn’t Have a Wedding Planner

A free app loaded with everything you need to plan a wedding is WeddingHappy. The app will walk you through everything needed to plan your wedding day, and as a bonus, it reminds you when you have deadlines. Another feature is sharing the event with everyone in your party so there is no need to tell everyone individually.

For the Bride Who Needs Bridesmaid’s Dresses

While our website offers a fine selection of wedding dresses, what do you for your brides maids? Rather than have a group shopping trip to find the perfect bridesmaid dress, try the site Weddington Way. This service allows you to browse styles using a variety of filters (color, length, body type, and price). Once you’re ready, you can share and comment on the selections in a virtual showroom. Groomsmen, flower girls and ring bearers can also find attire on this site.

For the Couple Who Needs to Keep Track of Their Guest List

A way to get your guests talking before your wedding day or wedding weekend is Guesterly. On the website you can create a who’s who guide, with the ability to print or send to your guests. For the couple who has a big guest list, this is an easy way to see everything in one place. As a starter  to help your guests get to know each other before the wedding day, there is a social interaction section to start the conversation.

For the Couple With a Large To-Do List

If you’re a couple with a large to-do list check out Trello. This site allows you to create boards for all of your to-do lists, so you don’t need a notebook. While mostly used for business, this all in one task tool is perfect because it lets you see everything that you need to do, shopping, adding items to your gift registry, and general planning. The service allows you to assign a weekly activity and divide specific tasks among your wedding party.

Planning and shopping for your wedding is a lot to do for anyone; allow some of these websites and apps to make planning easier. Looking for more information on weddings and fashion? Check out Fan-C-Design’s collection today.

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