Why You Should Consider Engagement Ring Shopping as a Couple

Are you feeling a little overwhelmed at the idea of shopping for an engagement ring for your partner? You may want to consider going shopping with your significant other so they can choose their own engagement ring. This is a great way to make sure you both end up happy with the choice. Here are a few reasons to keep this in mind:

There May Be Sentimental Feelings

If you plan to choose engagement rings with your partner, you may find out information that you didn’t know. Maybe your significant other was given a beloved relative’s ring and they simply want to wear that as their engagement ring or want those stones placed into a new setting? Knowing this can help save some potential heartache and can also save you money as a couple that could be applied to the wedding, the honeymoon, or your married life together.

Make Sure It Fits

Everyone’s fingers are a different size! While a jeweler may be able to help you guess what ring size your significant other might wear or you may be able to bring them a ring that your sweetheart already owns that they can use for sizing, chances are you’ll just be forced to guess and then get the ring sized later. Unless you luckily guess right, this can be a major buzzkill! 

If the ring is too small, they won’t be able to put it on their finger for the customary “we just got engaged!” ring photo. If it’s too big, they won’t be able to wear it without risking losing it, which can be a bummer when everyone is congratulating you on your engagement and wanting to get a look at the ring in person. Getting a ring resized also costs money and may affect the look of the ring. If you go together to choose a ring, you can order it in the correct size from the beginning.

The Dream Ring Might Not Be Perfect

Maybe you think that you already know exactly what ring your partner wants. Maybe they’ve sent you a very helpful pinterest board with images of rings they’ve fallen in love with. But what happens when the “perfect” ring isn’t actually flattering in person? You might find that, while you thought you loved traditional yellow-gold, platinum works better on your skin tone or that you don’t love a square cut gem in person. Shopping together can help keep anyone from feeling let down by what they thought they wanted.

It Isn’t All About A Romantic Surprise!

Marriage is a partnership and agreeing to get married is generally regarded as agreeing to be paired off for life. This isn’t something to take lightly and you and your partner will likely benefit from a lot of conversation about what you both want for your future. This might mean that deciding to get engaged doesn’t look like what you’ll see in movies, with a big public display of affection and a ring hidden away for optimal surprise. This isn’t a bad thing; it encourages communication from the very beginning. Once you take the surprise of a more traditional proposal out of the equation, there’s little reason to not pick out rings together.

Know Your Partner

While it can be much more practical to go ring shopping together, that doesn’t inherently mean it’s the right choice for you. If you know your partner is more traditional and wants to be surprised with your proposal, your best bet may be to pick a ring out on your own. If this is the route that seems the best for you, check in with their best friend and mother and pay attention to their taste in other jewelry so you can have a good idea about what they will love!

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