5 Wedding Podcasts to Listen To During Quarantine

Planning a wedding during this time of quarantine can be tough because you can’t have in person meetings. While you can have virtual meetings with your wedding planning team, as a bride, you might want extra advice for planning your big day. Podcasts can assist in adding to your planning knowledge. Here are 5 wedding podcasts to listen to during quarantine.

For The Couple Who Needs Real World Advice From Wedding Experiences

The Big Wedding Planning Podcast is hosted by Christy Matthews and Michelle Martinez, both  experienced wedding consulting experts. They talk about weddings and share their own experiences and knowledge with the listener. The hosts hope this podcast will help you in planning your own wedding. Topics of past episodes included serial bridesmaids, wedding fatigue, toast writing, and officiants. The stories on this podcast are from real weddings, so when planning your own wedding you can keep the advice in mind, knowing it really happened.

For the Couple Who Wants Relationship Advice

Hosted by well-known therapist Esther Perel, Where Should We Begin contains excerpts from unscripted stories. Perel, who is an expert on relationships and sexuality, created the podcast so listeners can learn from authentic people, and apply the stories to their own relationships. While not your typical wedding podcast, this would be useful for the advice from people just like you.

For A Podcast With a Blog Component

Both a blog and a podcast, Ring to Veil, hosted Shannon Palmer and Kim Mills, both with experience in both weddings and podcasts, includes over 130 episodes. Topics of discussion include writing vows, elopements, and wedding lighting, just to name a few. Another feature of this podcast is Q&A where they answer questions on topics submitted by brides. The blog component of this podcast is fantastic for those that want more information about topics covered in the podcast.

For A Fun Podcast

Comedian and author Aleisha McCormack hosts Bridechilla, where she serves as your virtual bridesmaid. With 365 episodes to date, you’re bound to find something to help you in the planning of your wedding from home. Past episode topics include using Pinterest to design your wedding and incorporating cultures and traditions into your wedding day. Guest hosts offer input based on their area of expertise frequently join Aleisha.

For The Bride That’s Short on Time

If you’re looking for a short 10-week crash course for wedding planning, check out Hitched, produced by Mamamia. This podcast is a how-to guide to wedding planning, such as choosing your bridal party and creating your guest list. Aleisha McCormack also hosts this, and the episodes are a half-hour or less.Planning a wedding can be challenging, particularly now. Let some of these podcasts assist. For assistance with your wedding dress shopping check out our collection of bridal dresses.

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