5 Dress Styles for the Whimsical Bride

A wedding dress for a bride that wants to be a bit whimsical or bohemian has key style elements that you need to include. Here are five wedding dress styles for the whimsical bride.

Lace Wedding Dress

When thinking of a wedding dress with a whimsical flair, this style fits perfectly. Lace is all about pattern and texture, and when thinking about adding whimsy to your ensemble, consider a delicate touch. For a summer or beach wedding, consider a sheer lace dress for the extra nod to comfort.

Long-Sleeved Wedding Dress

Another design element in Bohemian or whimsical wedding dresses is a long, loose sleeve. When looking for a dress, look for one with a bell or balloon sleeve for the full look. Dresses in this style can vary with patterns and fabrics, making this style easy to incorporate throughout the various seasons of the year. For a unique look using a long sleeve, consider having a strapless dress, with a detached sleeve.

Short Wedding Dress

If your height is a concern, consider a shorter dress to incorporate your whimsical style. This style is not as long as your traditional wedding dress, and can still have the elements of lace and sleeve length. If your height is not a factor, and you want an unconventional dress for your wedding day, consider this style. A dress in this style can vary in length, making it perfect to wear all year round.

Feathered Gown

While not a style most people would think of, a feathered gown is the perfect mix of whimsy. Feathers can be included on the entire dress, or added to accessorize it. Dresses in this style can vary from long to short, making it a versatile style for any bride. This style can also feature various necklines and shoulders, making it the perfect choice for all seasons..

Tinted or Colored Gown

A final way to add a whimsical touch to your dress is including a pop of color. Having a light pink dress, for example, is a unique way to incorporate the style and a current trend this year. Examples of colors to look for are light pink, dusky blue, red, and champagne. Dresses with colors or tinted with colors are available in different lengths to suit your needs.    

When considering a bohemian or whimsical wedding dress, the key is to find the elements of the style and incorporate these into the wedding dress you want. Looking for a whimsical or bohemian wedding dress? Check out the Fan C Designs bridal collection.

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