Incorporating Warm Tones Into Your Wedding

One of the first choices you can make in regard to the look and feel of your wedding is your color palette. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the literal rainbow of options, you might find it helpful to think about what sort of feeling you want to evoke with your wedding decor. One great thing to consider is putting together a warm color palette for your wedding — or at least incorporating some warm tones into your decorating scheme.

Why Warm Tones?

People associate various colors with feelings and emotions, whether it’s associating yellow with joy or white with purity. A warm color palette for your wedding can give your venue a welcoming, home-y vibe. You may want to keep this in mind if you love the idea of an intimate wedding but know you won’t be able to get your guest list below one hundred guests. As a bonus, warm colors tend to be flattering on a lot of complexions and give your wedding a soft, romantic feeling — which can be perfect for your big day! Here are some great ways to implement warm colors into your wedding day color palette.

Warm Neutrals

Utilizing a warm color palette doesn’t necessarily mean using bright reds and oranges. You can also use warm neutrals to cast a cheerful, warm light over your wedding. To do this, opt for shades of ivory instead of a cool, stark white. Depending on your complexion, this might be a good idea to keep in mind for your wedding gown: ivory tends to be very flattering on brides. You may also be interested in warm toned grays that can warm up your wedding while not competing with bolder colors.

In addition to warming up your neutrals, you can also warm up the cooler side of the color spectrum! A deep navy blue can balance out ivory and peach without taking away from any desired warmth. If you’re planning out an Autumn-friendly wedding palette, you might consider pairing a forest green with some orange and yellow. 

Warm Metallics

Warm metallic tones can be a great way to warm up your wedding’s color palette. Golds and coppers make fantastic accents for your wedding. Gold is a great choice if you want to give your wedding a classic, formal feeling that pairs well with black, ivory, and red and other bold colors. Copper is a more modern choice that can be paired with a less formal color palette that can give your wedding a cool edge and help you keep things fresh. These metallic accents can be incorporated throughout your wedding in places like napkin rings and candle holders.

Natural Touches

Florals and other natural elements are great ways to bring warmth to your wedding, plus they bring in fun textures that can bring visual interest to your wedding in the form of bouquets and centerpieces. Flowers in warm tones are great, traditional options, but you may also want to consider other elements like fresh berries. They can be added to your bouquet or bring texture to your centerpieces. Holly berries are a fantastic way to bring warmth and cheerful color to your winter wedding!

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