Choosing Your Wedding Dress Based On Your Engagement Ring

With so many options, it can be tough to nail down the perfect dress for your wedding day. One creative solution is to have a wedding dress as a nod to your ring. This will also make shopping for a dress much easier. Here are 5 wedding ring styles and the wedding dress styles associated with them.

Round Cut Engagement Ring

If you have a round cut engagement ring, consider a classic wedding dress style. Having a round cut ring suggests you appreciate a traditional classic ball gown style dress for your wedding day. Embrace your love of traditional classic style with accessories; a cathedral-length veil will be the perfect accompaniment for the dress. The ball-gown is a classic and traditional style for a reason, and if you love clean classic looks in everyday life, use this style as inspiration for your wedding dress.  

Cushion-Cut Engagement Ring

An engagement ring of this style means you enjoy both tradition and high fashion. Consider adding both elements to your wedding ensemble with a mermaid style dress, long train, and embellished bodice. Glamourous, high fashion accessories and makeup complete the look. The key to this style is the balance of traditional and high fashions, being cautious not to go in one direction or the other.

Princess-Cut Engagement Ring

If your engagement ring is a Princess-Cut, you enjoy a non-traditional and playful style. For your wedding day, consider a pants suit, or a jumpsuit. With a non-traditional outfit, consider playing with subtle color and texture. For makeup, shoes, and other accessories to complete your look, consider a playful look to match your outfit. 

Colored–Stone Engagement ring

Having a colored engagement ring is very modern and chic. If you have a blue engagement ring, for example, consider shades of blue or blue trim for your wedding day, working the color of your ring into the dress, as a primary or secondary color. Another option is a bold pattern for your dress, such as floral.

Emerald-Cut Engagement Ring

A ring of this type means you have an elegant style with a cool feel for extra measure. Your dress of choice should be fashionable and minimalistic. Consider a gown with geometric beading or a design on the straps for something a little different. For the rest of your look, consider things that go with this elegant style.  

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