5 Tips For Planning a Fairytale Wedding

A fairytale wedding is a special theme that takes your guests to an enchanted place in both location and spirit. Here are five tips to create your own fairytale wedding.

#1 – Find a Venue

When looking at a wedding venue for a fairytale wedding, it’s not complete without an enchanted venue. Weather permitting, a forest or glade is the perfect wedding venue for your fairytale wedding. The gorgeous greenery is the perfect backdrop, and the perfect vibe for your wedding. 

Many national parks offer locations and assistance for your wedding.  If you want to find an indoor venue, consider a castle or a mansion. Whether an ancient castle in Europe or a “modern castle” in the U.S., they will provide the historical vibe and fairytale symbolism.  

#2 – Have the Wedding Colors to Match

Depending on what season you get married in, there are seasonal colors that will enhance your fairytale ambiance. 

If you’re having a spring wedding, use light pastel colors highlighted with gold. Soft pinks, blues, and purples are all seasonal colors that blend your table decorations with floral accents.  Summer weather will be warm, but be bold and use darker shades of color to contrast with the greenery and flowers of the season. In the fall match cooler colors with the cooler weather.  Popular colors include maroon, gold, light brown, or dark green. For a winter fairytale, use  dark red, green, and blue with sliver and gold to align with one of the winter holidays.

#3 – Add Fairytale Decorations

Make your fairytale wedding even more enchanting by incorporating your fairytale theme into your wedding decorations like centerpieces, tablescape and accents. Choose gold tableware and colorful dinnerware for an elegant look. Centerpieces can be large and stunning to add to your magical theme. Complement your design with over the top florals.  Don’t forget to include flowers along your wedding aisle as well. 

Lastly, add a romantic feel to your wedding day with some whimsical lighting. Fairy lights can be easily added to your tablescapes. Likewise, string lights can be hung above your reception along with candles and lanterns to add romantic glow.  

#4 – Make Fairytale Invitations

Announce your fairytale wedding with fairytale inspired invitations. What better way to invite your guests than with special calligraphy.  Depending on your fairytale theme, you can choose an airy font for a lighter theme, or a heavier medieval style font for your castle themed wedding.  Include hand drawn scenes of your fairytale like a castle or a forest scene to complement your invitation.

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