5 Tips For Managing Your Wellbeing During Wedding Planning

Wedding planning can be a stressful time in your life. Many couples both feel the stress of starting their new life together and all that goes along with planning a wedding. Here are 5 tips for managing your wellbeing during wedding planning. 


When planning your wedding one thing to keep in mind is what you want to prioritize for your dream wedding. Keep a list of the items you absolutely need to have and a list of the items that would be nice to have. Tackle your must have list first. This list will keep you on track and makes sure you don’t stray too far from the priority and your original vision.

“Forget About It” For a Night

Planning a wedding can be taxing on the couple. Set aside time to forget about the planning and go on a date to just be together. This is the perfect time to de-stress and not think about the wedding for a while. It’s also a time for the two of you to remind yourselves what brought you together in the first place.

Create Alternate Plans

There are factors in your wedding planning that are out of your control. Weather is a big one. If you have an alternate plan, it can provide some relief for the unknowns as your wedding day approaches. As you do this, however, remember you can’t plan for every contingency, so stay relaxed and roll with the circumstances you can’t control.  Your guests will certainly understand that things happen.

Ask For Help From Others

Asking for help can be difficult for people who want to have full control of their wedding plans. Family, friends, and a wedding planner can take on some of the planning, and that can lessen the burden and stress from you. When asking for help, think about what tasks you can delegate that will still allow you to maintain comfortable control.

Practice Meditation

While you don’t need to sign up for power or hot yoga classes (unless you already are), some meditation and mindfulness can help you in this stressful time. Taking ten minutes of time in your daily planning can help you feel better and be less stressed in the long run. This can continue after the wedding as it can provide healthful benefits.  

Keep all these tips in mind while you’re in the midst of your wedding planning in order to keep a calm head. Still looking for the perfect wedding dress? Check out our collection.

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