5 Tips For a Winter Wedding

Getting married at any time of the year has its own set of opportunities and challenges, and winter weddings are certainly no exception. Although we’re now approaching summer, it’s a good time to start prepping for your winter wedding. Here are a few of our tips. 

Ready Your Skin

During the winter season, your skin may be dryer than normal. In order to help to have clearer skin and a better finished look on the big day, start hydrating your skin early. This doesn’t just go for brides. Keeping your skin hydrated should also be part of your groom’s routine, as grooms can also be subject to dry, cracked hands.

Opt for Warm Drinks at the Reception

During the winter months when it’s cold out, your guests may want something warm to drink. Winter-themed cocktails are a nice way to get winter flavors, as well as offering a new way to drink your favorite spirits. Flavored coffee, tea, and hot chocolate are other popular choices perfect for winter for your guests to enjoy. Let the flavors of the season, such as peppermint, be your guide when choosing your drinks and cocktails. 

Plan For Seasonal Weather

While winter weather might be a nice framing to your wedding day, you should also be prepared with a plan in case of severe weather. For example, have salt and sand on hand to use on the walkways near your wedding venue. Inform guests of hazards, road closures, etc, near your wedding or reception venues.

Use the Season As Inspiration

In the cold winter months, guests appreciate warm foods and seasonal vegetables. Consider adding a hot soup as your first course rather than a salad course. Comfort foods are welcome all year long, and your guests might enjoy warm comfort foods such as meat loaf, mac and cheese or a hearty stew for a unique reception menu.  For décor and florals, give a nod to the colors of the season without going over the top.

Dress Your Wedding Party Appropriately

Consider the season and the weather conditions when picking the dresses for your bridal party, as well as yourself. Long sleeves and longer dresses may be a more comfortable choice for cooler weather. Adding a shawl or wrap over your dress will keep you warm and can add a touch of individuality.

Embracing the winter season, and having some backup and contingency plans. Check out our collection of wedding dresses to find the right dress for you.

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