5 Tips When Planning For a Beach Wedding

Beach weddings are becoming more and more popular now. With a beach wedding, there are also many things to consider to make sure your wedding day is a success. Here are five tips to keep in mind for preparing for a beach wedding.

Make a Backup Plan For Your Beach Wedding Day

While a beach wedding is always popular, there also needs to be a realistic backup plan. Rain and other weather can hinder your beach wedding day, particularly if it includes outside activities. You should also check to make sure that any equipment that you have set up actually works outside before the big day. Sometimes when you are outside, audio equipment relying on Bluetooth may not work reliably.  

Obtain the Correct Permits For Your Beach Wedding

Unless you’re getting married on a private beach, you need to make sure to obtain any permits you may need. In fact, even on private property, you may need to check with the owner in case they need permits. Do your research before finalizing your venue. 

Consider Adding Local Food To the Menu

While you want to have the food and drinks you love on the wedding menu, think about adding local faire to your wedding day menu. Local vendors can give you tips on tasty regional cuisine,   especially if it’s a destination you’re not all that familiar with.

Think About the Setup For Your Ceremony and Reception

When getting married on the beach, choose surfaces that can be wiped down quickly, as well as things that can be broken down and set up quickly in the event of inclement weather. Acrylic or wooden chairs are easier than some others in case they need to be moved. A place for guests to store their street shoes while on the beach can be both practical and fun. An adequate PA system should be provided for any size group so that your vows can be heard over normal background noises found at the beach.   

Look Into the Date and Time of Your Beach Wedding

While your first thought may be about sunset and tides, consider the more general timing of your beach wedding. In early spring and late fall, some coastal locations have huge swings in temperature day to day. Beyond the day local time is important, particularly if you want a stunning sunset as a backdrop (and make sure to check the tide tables as you don’t want high tide rolling up on your ceremony and causing a scramble for dry land).

Keeping these tips in mind, and working with your vendors, you should be able to have your beach wedding go off without a hitch. Check out our collection if you need a dress for your beach wedding.

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