5 Tips For a Kid-Friendly Wedding

Are you planning a family-friendly wedding for this spring? Parents with small children can struggle when it comes to finding reliable childcare for long events that often run late into the evenings. So, don’t be surprised to find out that your wedding guests are planning on bringing their kiddos to celebrate with them! In this article, we will share 5 easy ways to make your wedding more kid-friendly, for those friends who want to bring children to your event. 

Avoid Late-Night Weddings 

First and foremost, if you are including children at your wedding, it is best to avoid late-night events. Typically, wedding ceremonies are held in the late afternoon with a reception going late into the night. Remember that there is no real wedding “rulebook” and that you can design your special day any way that you want! 

Anyone who has familiarity with children knows that they typically don’t do well past their routine bedtimes. So, to avoid crying and meltdowns causing your guests to have to leave, try to avoid late-night weddings and schedule your event for earlier in the day. Your guests of all ages will thank you! 

Have Place Setting Activities For Kids

Your younger wedding attendees will likely be looking for entertainment in between the wedding and reception ceremonies. To help keep them occupied before mealtime, ask your wedding planner to organize place setting activities for kids! You don’t have to go overboard, a simple coloring book, crossword puzzle, or tic tac toe game should suffice. 

Have a Kids Table 

If you want to give the parents at your event a little break from their children, try to assign a kids table at your wedding reception. Not only will this allow parents to get some distance from their children, but the little ones will be able to mingle just like the adults! It might also be a good idea to have a designated kids table organizer who can provide supervision during the event for parents’ peace of mind. 

Game and Music Area 

After mealtime, the adults at your party will likely hit the bar and then make their way over to the dancefloor. Why not give the kids an after-dinner activity, too? Your wedding planner will be able to organize a game and music area for the youngsters at your event. This doesn’t have to be elaborate – even just designating a corner for a projected Disney movie can do the trick! 

Craft Corner  

For children who want something tangible to work on while the adults mingle, you might consider creating a craft corner! Supplying easy-to-clean items like coloring packets, bracelet making, or sticker books can be a fun activity to keep the little ones at your event occupied. 

If you are including children at your wedding, don’t fret! There is always a way to balance adult fun with kid entertainment to ensure everyone has a good time. We hope these tips prove useful for your planning process. Don’t forget to check out our shop if you’re still on your dress hunt!

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