The Difference Between Mermaid and Trumpet Wedding Dresses

Every bride has dreams of her wedding gown and style. A number of bridal dress styles are similar, and it can be puzzling to understand the subtle differences and pick the best dress for you. Here are the differences between a mermaid and trumpet wedding dresses. 


Resembling the mythological creature of the same name, the mermaid dress is any dress that has a tight fit from the top to the knees, and then flares out resembling the tail of the mermaid. Depending on the style the flair can start either at the knee or a bit below the knee. It can be styled with lace, sequins, or stones in the design. Check out one of our mermaid style bridal dresses here!


Contrary to the Mermaid gown, the skirt of the trumpet style loosens gradually at the mid-thigh. This dress has no tail, or dramatic flair at the bottom, instead, creates a more subtle hourglass shape. A trumpet dress will have a looser fit on the bottom. In a similar way to the mermaid dress, the top to the hips of this style will be form fitting. You can find a trumpet style bridal dress here!

Things to consider when making your decision

There are several factors to consider when making the right style choice between the two wedding dress styles. Body type plays a significant part in dress selection. For hourglass-shaped brides, a mermaid or trumpet style would be flattering. If you are a pear shape, consider a trumpet style dress that will have a more relaxed fit but still show off your figure. 

If your personality is bold, a mermaid dress would surely demonstrate your style, while a trumpet dress would provide a more subtle look. Movement plays a part of your decision as the mermaid dresses tighter fit may be restrictive. The trumpet style with its gradual flare provides more flexibility and movement for dancing.

Seeing a dress in person, and trying it on to see how it fits is the best way to make your final decision. Check out our shop for more bridal dress styles, and check back to our blog for more wedding tips!

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