5 Cozy Wedding Dress Styles & Details

Brides today are always looking to be both fashionable and comfortable on their wedding day. Cozy wedding styles can provide the bride with both a stylish dress while remaining comfortable whether it is warm or cool. Here are our top five cozy wedding dress styles and details. 

Off the shoulder 

Off-the-shoulder is a cozy style that can be worn if the weather is cold or warm. In warmer weddings it works by itself; if the weather is cooler you can add a jacket or shawl.

A Lightweight Cape

If you’re getting married in the fall or in the winter, or if the reception venue is on the cool side, add a lightweight cape. A cape will not only look good, and you can work with your bridal consultant to add details that enhance your wedding dress.


Like an off-the-shoulder style, strapless dresses can be worn in many climates. This style can also be supplemented with a wrap. Our shop has several strapless dress options, including helsinki, am-27414, and  hdo-25

Fuzzy Wrap or Shawl

Adding a wrap will not only keep you warm, but it’s another way to add your own personal style. Fuzzy wraps come in a variety of colors and patterns so you can find one in a color that works with your wedding dress, or a color that you love, and can be a great accessory either before or after the ceremony or at the reception when it’s cooler outside.

A Lace Jacket

A jacket is a perfect way to be warm and cozy on your wedding day. A jacket is the perfect way to add a classic element of style in addition to keeping you warm and cozy. Jackets are versatile, and just like a wrap or a shawl can be worn before, or after the ceremony, or at the reception. Check out our aeg-a187 for an example of lace over a strapless dress.Let this blog be the start of your search for the perfect cozy wedding dress style and details. For more wedding dress options, check out our collection.

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