5 Tips For Basing Your Wedding Aesthetic Off Your Favorite Flower

Flowers are something that everyone thinks about for their wedding day. With their multiple appearances and different colors, there are multiple ways to use your favorite flower as a base for your wedding aesthetic. Here are five tips for basing your wedding aesthetic around your favorite flower.  

Have Your Favorite Flower on Your Wedding Invitation 

When looking to include your favorite flower, start with your invitations. Flowers on wedding invitations are something that is common, and you can use a drawing, a photograph or other graphic on the invitation or as part of the envelope liner. To add additional visual appeal, use a laser-cut version of your chosen wedding flower mounted on the invitation.

Use Your Favorite Flower As the Backdrop For Your Photos

Floral backdrops add charm and sophistication to any wedding. Use a collage of multiple colored flowers that go well together,  to create an interesting bouquet of color behind some of your shots.  You can create additional interest by selecting a complementary color to your wedding party as an alternate backdrop.

At the Ceremony, Use Your Favorite Flower on a Large Scale 

While you can use your favorite bloom as a bouquet, a larger scale of your favorite bloom will have a bigger impact. Flowers can be dyed to provide an expanse of color and then incorporated with flowers of the season for ceremony and reception use. Flower chandeliers, a natural floral backdrop, or in a wreath are other ways to incorporate your favorite flower. Another idea for the ceremony is to reuse the art from your wedding invitations on the signs and programs.   

Use Your Favorite Flower as Your Table Decor

While this is not anything new in the world of weddings, couples are finding more and more ways to add their own personal style to wedding floral decor. Include your favorite flower in a jar or bottle with similar flowers, or other flowers that compliment your favorite bloom. This includes not only informal arrangements but also your table centerpieces.

Consider Using Your Favorite Edible Flower at Your Reception   

Some flowers are edible and can be used in sweet or savory applications. For example, the viola can add a bold and peppery flavor to a dish. There are several ways to use petals, such as freezing them for ice cubes in cocktails or water, as a topping for a salad, or an appetizer, or as a garnish for your cake. Look at the nature around your wedding venue, and see if you can incorporate that along with your favorite blooms as well. 

Check out the rest of our blog for more tips, such as what to consider before you DIY your wedding flowers. Or, if you’re still looking for the perfect wedding dress, take a look at our collection.

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