4 Wedding Planning Mistakes to Avoid

Wedding planning takes lots of effort, and rarely does everything go according to plan. Certain mistakes can end up setting you back or increasing your stress..  While not the end of the world, you want to address them as gently as possible.  Here are some common wedding planning mistakes to avoid.

#1 – Complaining Rather Than Focusing on Solutions

Wedding planning can be stressful and there are many things you can complain about. In the moment, it can be a great way to get something off your chest but think about the bigger picture. But while it may make you feel better, it won’t address the root of the problem.  

To address the root cause, think about what you could do to be proactive, and how to work with the wedding team to resolve it.  You’re getting married because you are in love  and you need to keep that in mind during all your wedding planning.

#2 – Not Planning a Budget

Without some kind of budget, you won’t know what you can or can’t do relative to venues, food, and entertainment. A good idea is to set your target budget and allow for a 10-15% contingency to give you some wiggle room.   

Budget plays a role in your wedding planning, but it also plays a big part in your “life budget.” Don’t let your wedding budget get in the way of paying your day-to-day living expenses. As your wedding budget evolves you can work with your vendors to stay within your planned budget. Many times they will offer ideas that meet your wants and keep you within budget.

#3 – Forgetting to Enjoy Yourselves

Most couples will plan their wedding for over a year.  In that time, you still have work, maintain both your households, get some exercise and manage other things. You can’t put these things on hold to focus solely on your wedding.  

If you feel wedding planning is starting to take over, then take a break. Put it on the back burner, take the day off and enjoy your surroundings. Have a spa day, go to your local coffee shop with a good book and enjoy reading with your favorite brew. Meet your future spouse for a nice dinner and talk about everything but the wedding.  

#4 – Worrying About the Opinions of Others

Outside opinions can significantly affect your wedding planning mindset. Try not to let that happen. You want your guests to have a good time and you want to have your wedding team involved in the planning. But it’s your wedding, and you and your spouse’s wants and opinions are at the top of the list. Certainly solicit their input and opinions but don’t be afraid to tell them while you appreciate their input we have our vision. In the end they will understand and work with you to have the best day possible.

Learn from your mistakes and don’t let one mistake take over your entire vision for your wedding. Browse our bridal collection if you’re in the market for a bridal gown.

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