Including Nature in your Wedding

3 Great Ways To Include Nature In Your Wedding Plan

How to include Nature in your wedding:

If you’re a lover of nature and want to integrate that into your Wedding Plan there are a variety of ways to do this. From outright ceremonies in the middle of a forest to the subtle hint of the theme throughout your Ceremony. Here are 3 Great Ways to Include Nature in Your Wedding.

1) The Great Outdoors:

This one may be obvious, but performing a ceremony outdoors brings an entirely new atmosphere to the wedding. Soft grass definitely gives a completely different feel than the cold stone or wood you’d otherwise be using. We’ve seen weddings occur in beaches, forests, fields and even luxurious gardens. Whilst the climate is a big factor in this, the use of Gazebos and the like can save even the wettest of days – And there is something quite magical about hearing the water falling above.

Including Nature in your Wedding

2) Accessorize:

The Wedding Dress, no matter the color or style can be accessorized with hints of nature. Brooches are a common occurrence and very traditional, as is pinning flowers to your hair. A wreath can also be used, as we explained in our Creating a Whimsical Wedding post.
Using Flowers in your hair and including nature for the wedding

3) Lighting:

Natural lighting can bring about a very natural atmosphere for your wedding. The sun is Nature’s light and when seen creeping through forests or decorated windows allows for an enchanting feel. Candles can be used which give a distinct impression than the cold and clinical lamps that seek only to brighten an area. Fairy lights, when intertwined naturally can also bring about the feel


Natural Lighting for Weddings

As you can see from the images above, nature can give a wonderful feel to your wedding.  But if you don’t want to create an entirely Natural, Green-style Wedding then you can still include a few of the ideas above in moderation, a few candles or wreathes can set the tone in a subtle way.


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