Tips to Prevent Becoming a Bridezilla

Planning a wedding is an incredibly difficult task and creating the perfect event is undeniably stressful. With In-Laws, Parents, Vendors and Friends bombarding you with ideas and thoughts it’s easy to get frustrated. You have to ensure that every single detail will be perfect since this is the most important day of your life.



Dealing with all of this is going to take you out of your comfort zone, and even the sweetest of angels can start to become a Bridezilla trying to deal with it.

An unleashed Bridezilla wont make things easier, losing your cool and becoming a control freak wont make your day more enjoyable; in fact, it can ruin the whole experience. Save the pain, drama and stress of becoming a Bridezilla by following these few tips:

Breath in, Breath Out

This may sound overly simple, but when we get stressed out, we can start to panic and hyperventilate. Take calm, soothing breaths to help relax you and bring you back to reality. No problem is so big you can’t solve it; you just need to remain calm and clearheaded to do it.

That’s what friends are for (and family too)

Your family and friends want to be a part of your special day too, and they will be there for you every step of the way. You don’t have to micro-manage every tiny detail of your wedding, if you’re juggling too many balls at once you can delegate and ask for help! Your Bridesmaids, Family and even the soon-to-be-Hubby can really help take the load off your shoulders. 


Just a sip

On your magic day, emotions will be at the highest. Stress, uncertainty, worry and panic may set in. A Bridesmaid stocked with an emergency mini-bottle of your favorite alcoholic beverage can be just the medicine you need to quell the inner Bridezilla. A drink in moderation can settle the nerves and relax everyone involved.


Happily Ever After

Expect the unexpected, embrace the possibilities. When you finally get to your day ignore the natural impulse to imagine how it’s going to turn out and stress about everything going to plan.Don’t lose sight of why you’re there in the first place, the love you hold, for better or for worse, in happiness and joy. It’s a celebration, so have fun and enjoy!

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