More Curvy Styles Please

More Curvy Styles Please

A Variety of Styles for Curvy Women

It’s a problem curvy women know well when they walk into a clothes boutique: there are plenty of cute, trendy styles in the petite section, small, medium, and even a few cute large clothes. Then, if you make your way to the plus-size section, where the selection is a few varying shades of the same loose, middle-aged retiree fashion. Ever retreated to the maternity section despite not being pregnant just because the clothes had a little more variety? Even when you find something that’s more your style, often it doesn’t fit quite as advertised.

What is it about curves that say, “We’d like to all dress in the same way?” And why are plus-size clothes so often either loose-fitted or skin-tight with nothing that’s “just right.” There’s nothing wrong with a nice, breezy tunic shirt or a good pair of skinny jeans if that’s what you like to wear, but the lack of variety does seem to tell curvy women to either “conceal” or “constrict.” There’s something fundamentally uncomfortable with selling either of those messages to curvy women.

Your curves are beautiful. You shouldn’t have to hide them or suck them in. You should be able to flaunt your curves in the style you love best. Especially on your wedding day.

That’s why we’re committed to such a variety of styles in our Curvy Brides wedding dress collection. No two curvy brides are alike, whether in style or body shape, so we have a variety of dresses for whatever your sense of style might be. Do you want a dress that’s elegant and classic? Something you don’t see every day? What about our A-line gown with ivory lace, ivory pearls, and a full chapel train?

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Or maybe your style veers more towards the new. You want a dress with a fun, confident flair. The kind of dress that turns heads. We have plenty of options for that, like our satin mermaid gowns with lace-up back closures.



And then there are brides who like to look like a princess on their wedding day. It’s a magical day, and your wedding dress should help it to be everything you dreamed. FanCDesigns has you covered once again there with our selection of Princess Gowns and A-line dresses.


Whatever your style, we have a dress for you that celebrates your curves like you deserve.

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