…and the CURVYcon 2017 Keynote Speaker is…

A couple weeks ago, we announced that we would be going to CURVYcon 2017. We talked about the amazing curvy women hosting the event and speaking at panels: Chastity Garner, CeCe Olisa, Gabbi Gregg, Nicolette Mason, Ashley Nell Tipton, Whitney Way Thore, and Claire Sulmers. At the time, we didn’t know who the keynote speaker would be for the main event. However, we are now thrilled to tell you that the CURYcon 2017 keynote speaker is: Chrissy Metz.

Chrissy Metz is best known as one of the lead actresses of the hit TV show “This is Us.” On “This Is Us,” Metz plays Kate Pearson, a plus-size woman who loves her family deeply but has struggled with relationships and body image her whole life. In the first season, her insecurities are brought to the forefront when she falls in love with Toby, a man she met at a Weight Watchers meeting. She’s been nominated for an Emmy for her role on “This Is Us.”

“[Kate is] a really raw and vulnerable portrayal of a plus-size woman,” Metz said of the role in an interview with Marie Claire, and seeing a character like Kate in the forefront of such a popular show has been amazing representation for plus-size women all over the world. She’s spoken out against fatphobia in the mainstream media and the lack of roles for plus-size women in Hollywood. Metz has also made a splash with plus-size fashion by promoting plus-size brands like Eloquii on the red carpet.

The most exciting thing about the announcement that Metz will be the keynote speaker this year is that her body is different from what’s celebrated even in plus-size circles. “A lot of times, in our space, the women who are celebrated are hourglass women — they’re a size 10 to 14, like the perfect version of a ‘plus-size’ woman,” said Chastity Garner in an interview with Yahoo Style. “I feel like [for] having size diversity and getting out of that hourglass shape, Chrissy Metz is a great representative for that…her body type is a little bit different — we’re so happy to celebrate that.”

The CURVYcon Keynote Conversation is presented by Eloquii this year and will feature other curvy brands like Lane Bryant and Dia&Co. We’re so excited for the chance to be there for the conversation and hear what Chrissy Metz has to say. Will we see YOU at CURVYcon this year?

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