Unique Wedding Decorations to Set Your Big Day Apart

It’s no secret that weddings are expensive — and a lot of traditional wedding decor is part of that expense. Do-It-Yourself brides can look into unique and alternative wedding decorations as a way to save money where they can. However it’s not only a money saving tactic; traditional white weddings don’t suit everyone’s style or wants for their big day. Here is a list of a few possible wedding decorations for your wedding day that can help you put your own style out there.

Subvert Holiday Decorating

Some couples choose their wedding date because it lies up with a favorite holiday, like Halloween or Christmas. However, sometimes couples pick a date for the weather or their venue’s availability or to line up with another important date, such as the day they met.

If this is the case, December brides may wish to avoid decorating with lush red velvets and greenery…but it also may be fun to subvert these seasonal ideas. A winter bride might go for a snow and ice theme using cool blues and purples and shining silvers instead of reds, greens, and golds. Not everyone who gets married in October is going for a spooky or harvest theme. You could subvert the traditional fall themes by going for a more Fairy Tale inspired idea- spray paint pumpkins with an ethereal color and glitter for a nod toward Cinderella and make centerpieces out of roses preserved inside glass jars for a reference to Beauty and the Beast. Using the materials available in the fall can help keep this cost effective. This can be made easier by using fake flowers — silk, wood, or paper so they can be prepared in advance so you have less to do right before the wedding.

Nerd Out

You can make your wedding much more fun and personal by keeping your hobbies and interests in mind. A great way to do this is by letting your geek flag fly. This can pop up in lots of fun ways throughout the wedding.  Your colors can be a reference to your college or maybe a favorite superhero’s outfit. Catchphrases can be worked into the ceremony and theme music and bits of score can work into the evening on your DJ’s playlist. Action figures and Legos make for fun, unexpected cake toppers and decor around the ceremony. Personalized Dungeons and Dragons miniatures are a fun touch. Cakes can be shaped like vintage video game systems and signage throughout the venue can reference movie quotes.

If you’re fantasy fans, perhaps you might want to go for a Harry Potter or Middle Earth theme? You could use the Hogwarts House colors.

Keep Your Tastes In Mind

It  can be easy to go for very traditional wedding imagery. If you purchase ready made items, you’ll likely be met with lots of white and Tiffany Blue with sparkly accents and love birds — and that stuff is all great, but isn’t right for every wedding. If you’re more at home outside you might be more comfortable in a more rustic environment. Theatres and libraries also can often be rented out as wedding locations and tend to have built in decorative schemes. Try to keep yourself in your wedding instead of generic Bride and Groom imagery.

Know Your Audience

The wedding industry tends to push a very particular wedding at couples. You have a ceremony, your reception is in a different space. The bridal party goes out to take photographs while the guests enjoy a cocktail hour. Then a meal is served, cake is cut, the couple has their first dance and a dance party continues for the night.

This is fun for many people, but it might not be ideal for you and your guests — and the decor can be a part of this. Maybe you have a late morning brunch wedding and make your own mimosa bar with lots of sunlight and spring flowers? Maybe you don’t think your guests will be much for dancing, so you set out tables with board games that can function as decor as well as entertainment?

Whatever you do, make sure it reflects you and your spouse on your special day and don’t be afraid to be creative. What are some of your favorite wedding decorations?

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