The 3 Step Good Bridesmaid’s Guide (How Not to Be a Bridesmaidzilla)

If you are reading this and you are a bride, please show this article to your bridesmaids. Whether through email, a Facebook share, or just dropping your laptop in front of them, please make sure your bridesmaids read this article. As for you, please go and give yourself a moment to relax and not think about your wedding. Deal?

At this point, if you are reading this, we’re assuming you are a happy (though possibly confused) bridesmaid. You are here today because you have a mission: to make your friend have a lovely wedding day. You were trusted with the status of ‘bridesmaid’ and with that comes certain obligations. Here are three simples rules to follow so your experience as a bridesmaid is a dream instead of a nightmare.

1. Keep it Positive

The language you use with the bride is critical setting the tone throughout your journey as a bridesmaid. One trick is to make sure that you are using positive words. Reassure your bride that you respect her vision for the wedding and you will support her actions. You can also show kindness in your actions. Show the bride that they can count on you to be on time for appointments, bring fun feedback to craft projects, and be ready to roll up your sleeves when something needs to be done. This is a celebration so focus on celebrating instead of being negative. The bride will appreciate your positivity and hard work.  Speaking of the bride, that brings us to our next tip!

2. Make the BRIDE the Focus

This is an exciting time because your friend is getting married! Make sure that you not only keep things positive, but keep moments focused on the bride. You may have opinions but always reflect first on if what you have to say will respect the bride’s vision. You can also lead by example. If you see a fellow bridesmaid deviating from the bride’s wants, redirect them with a gentle reminder that this is the bride’s day and they need to respect her wishes. Understanding the brides vision is a great way to connect as a team and work towards the goal of making this wedding shine! Speaking of working…

3. Be an Employee, Not a Boss

Remember what we said about teamwork? Teamwork is important in creating a support system for the bride. You are the group of individuals she’s assembled to assist with her special day. Take pride in that task! Come together with your fellow bridesmaids to give her a shoulder to cry on or hands to help when times get tough. You can even take the lead when the bride needs a break from the stresses of wedding planning. Always keep the focus on doing things for her benefit and not for the sake of controlling the situation. You will bound with your bride and your team of bridesmaids and make the big day a drama free day!

Being a bridesmaid doesn’t have to be a burden. By keeping positive, making the bride the focus, and working as a team you can make your experience a happily ever after.

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