Unique Styles for the Alternative Bride

In our last blog, we talked about adding pops of color to your wedding day, with colorful shoes, bows, or lipstick. But what if you want to do something completely different? The traditional white wedding dress is beautiful, sure, but it’s not for everyone. Maybe you want to surprise your guests with a brightly colored dress or a style you haven’t seen before. If you’re more of an alternative bride, this is the blog for you. Here are a few unique dress styles that just might suit you.

Dress for a Party

Ideally, your wedding should be a massive party to celebrate the love between you and your significant other. So why not dress like it’s a party? Have fun! Wear a short skirt or a flashy bodice. This ruffled party dress will turn heads. It’s fun, flirty, and nothing like a traditional wedding gown. Imagine strutting down the aisle in this number, or dancing with your friends and family. It’s a great dress for a bride who’s more concerned with enjoying her big day than following the rules.

Bright Colors

Not all wedding dresses have to be white. Some alternative brides prefer to stand out from the crowd with bright colors, and it can cause a surprisingly pleasant effect to your overall bridal style. Deep blue or green are popular colors, and brides who really want to break the mold may choose red or pink. It can come in the same style as a traditional wedding dress, just in a different color, or you can find a different style altogether.

Go Vintage

Alternative doesn’t always mean choosing something bold and daring. Sometimes it just means reaching into another time and place for inspiration. Vintage wedding gowns are a great way to show off your personality and tastes, as well as set your wedding style apart from the traditional wedding. This wedding dress with its lace overlay looks like a family heirloom carefully preserved for your big day. It has a long train made of lace, so even in its traditional elegance it still has a unique sort of character.

Not a Dress

This may seem like a puzzling suggestion from a bridal dress designer, but it’s worth considering that for some alternative brides, the perfect dress isn’t a dress at all. It may be that you prefer a top and skirt or a wedding jumpsuit, maybe even a white bridal suit. After all, it’s your day. Why should you wear a dress just because everyone else does? Non-dress bridal wear is a trend that’s catching on more and more, and bridal designers are taking note.

What are some of your favorite alternative bridal styles that you’d like to see from Fan C Designs?

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