Adding Color to Your Wedding Day

Popularized by Queen Victoria, the white dress is one of the most-loved wedding traditions across the United States, Europe and places all around the world. Women have been dressed in white on the day they say, “I do” for centuries. However, many brides are looking for ways to add color to their wedding look. Why wouldn’t they? Color is a spectacular way to show off your personality and make that big day something all your own.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of six unique ways to add a splash to your nuptials and ensure you will stand out among a sea of other brides getting married just this year.


Let your true colors shine by wrapping yourself in a bow. For a simple, classic look, pull a long ribbon around your waist and tie a bow around your back—as large or as small as you’d like—or accent your dress with smaller bows elsewhere. If you’re going for a more avant garde look, try fitting a bow (or other fabric accent!) to your shoulder.


Hair Color

While many brides are very careful to have a natural ‘do on their big day, walking down the aisle with a more unique hair color is another way to brighten up the festivities. Whether you go for a subtle red or a noticeable blue, heads will turn when you enter the room. And isn’t that what every bride wants?


What you wear on your feet makes a bigger statement than you might expect. To add a pop of color to your wedding gear, choose a pair of shoes in any hue that suits your look. Match your wedding décor or completely stand out on your own. Shoes are a great way to add personality to your gown, too. The choice between flats and heels says a lot about a bride, for example—some women even get married in boots or sneakers!


If you’re a lover of makeup, a slick color on your lips may really pop when it’s time to kiss the bride! Lipstick is an easy way to add color to your look, and it can be as subtle or dramatic as you’d like! Pair lipstick shades with eyeshadow to really turn heads—wearing as much (or as little!) as you choose.


Your new ring doesn’t need to be the only jewelry you sport on your big day! From jeweled brooches to gorgeous charms and eye-popping necklaces, the possibilities are endless. Stun the crowd with impressive stones, or even use jeweled pins in your hair. It’s one, glamorous way to show your guests that you’re a colorful woman.

The Dress

If you like breaking tradition, you can stun your guests in a statement dress that brings enough color on its own. It’s becoming more and more popular these days—ditching the traditional white dress for a gorgeous hue that shows your unique personality.

It’s your day, after all! You make the rules.

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