The Perfect Wedding Dress for Your Star Sign

They say it’s all in the stars. Well, some people do. But, whether you’re someone who always knows their horoscope and the current phase of the moon, or you think it’s all just a bunch of made up magic, it can be great fun to use your star sign as another opportunity to see dress designs meant to fit a piece of your personality. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find your perfect dress among the cosmos.


Aries is a fire sign associated with energy, curiosity, enthusiasm, and even a touch of rebellion. If your star sign is Aries, take a look at some non-traditional dresses, with uneven cuts or unusual fabrics. You might even consider a red wedding dress or a creamy dress with red accents or hairpieces to fully embrace your fiery side.


Taurus is the sign of the bull, and someone born under Taurus is considered to be headstrong, loyal, and down-to-earth. If your star sign is true to you, you’re likely someone who appreciates tradition. Check out gowns like this elegant dress with its perfect combination of simplicity and shimmer to play up your romantic side on the big day.


Geminis are multifaceted personalities, and a star sign as complex as this one deserves a dress as layered and complicated as the person wearing it. Bring out your whimsical, expressive side with a unique train, like the one above, but let your serious side reign supreme with delicate appliques and just the right head piece.


Emotional and loving, you’ll want a dress as naturally romantic as you. Explore sweetheart necklines and styles with lace or flowy trains during your dress excursion. Not feeling the usual white or cream colors? You’re someone who might enjoy a touch of pink in your design.


Ruled by fire, someone born under Leo is said to be confident and bold. Try on something with a little dramatic flair, and even consider choosing a dress with gold accents, or adding some elements of gold, like sunny, shimmery eye shadow or a golden headpiece. Afterall, if ever there was a time to let your dramatic side free, it’s on your wedding day!


Known for being detail-oriented, analytical, and humble, as a Virgo, you’ll want to explore intricate, graceful dresses that make you feel like the earth fairy you are. Try out  dresses with sleeves, high necks, elaborate corsets, and your favorite — lace.


As a libra, you’re classy, fashionable, and dress to impress. You might combine a detailed, white or cream-colored gown with something a little extra, like a Great Gatsby style headpiece or flower, an awe-inspiring train, or a non-traditional veil to round out your wedding day fashion.


Known for their mystery, a Scorpio is always ready to bring the unexpected. You’ll want a dress with a decorative bodice and plenty of charming accessories, from draping earrings to long, lace gloves. Tie your hair back with a detailed clip or accent piece, and you’ll have everyone in awe of your effortless glamour.


Open-minded and philosophical, you’re willing to try anything once, but your idea of the perfect dress probably falls somewhere between the traditional and the extreme. Try a white dress with dramatic accents like fellow fire signs, Leo and Aries, and you’ll have a dress that fits your sense of adventure without taking you too far away from your more practical side.


You’re level-headed and down-to-earth, like your Taurus counterpart. You want something simple and beautiful, but not overly fussy. You’ll appreciate a traditional cream or white-colored wedding dress with minimal detailing. Have fun with your bouquet by including earthy favorites to balance out the look.


You’re a free-spirit, and likely can’t help but be drawn to lace detailing and unusual designs. You might even enjoy a dash of color in your gown, like purple or blue. Go with a flower crown instead of a traditional veil to really show off your connection to this wonderfully airy sign.


Ruled by water, you’re creative, romantic, and emotional. You’ll love traditional wedding dresses with touches of tulle and lace. Don’t forget to add an artsy headpiece to fully show-off your creativity.

What do you think? Did the stars align for your wedding dress? Let us know your favorite style in the comments below!

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