The Perfect Wedding Accessories to Compliment Your Dress

You’ve got your dress, but that doesn’t mean that your wedding day look is all set in stone. Typically, a bridal look also has accessories to up the glam and bring out your beauty, as well as personalize your look. You may not need every accessory mentioned here (sometimes less is more), but you should consider each piece to decide what works for you. There’s nothing worse than getting ready and realizing you didn’t think to bring any jewelry with you.


Most brides pick out their wedding veil when they choose their dress. However, if you’re still debating your choice of headpiece, it may be worth talking to your hairstylist about your hairstyle for your wedding. This can play into what sort of choice you make. Veils, tiaras, flowers, and jeweled headbands are all beautiful options many brides choose that compliment their hair choices and the necklines of their dress.

Stay Warm

This might not be an issue for brides who are getting married in warm areas or indoors, but if you have a winter wedding or are very sensitive to air conditioning, you may want to find an accessory that can help you keep warm. Many brides go for white fur shrugs to cover their shoulders or a silk wrap. If you’re into fantasy there may be other dramatic options —  a cape will likely keep you warm in any weather and give you a fantastic Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones vibe if you want to make a dramatic entrance!


Most brides wear special jewelry for their wedding day. This is a great place for family heirlooms which can help bring in your family’s history to this important day. Heirlooms can also function as your “something old”. Jewelry is a great way to check off other elements of that good luck rhyme. Something new is easy: anything purchased special for the day would work. Pretty blue sapphires are subtle and borrowing something from a friend or a loved one is a great way to celebrate your bonds while looking pretty. While you choose your jewelry, keep in mind that you don’t want to overwhelm yourself with bling. Earrings may be too much if you are also wearing a sparkly tiara and veil, but if you have an elegant updo, they may be just through the thing.


If the idea of a garter toss makes you uncomfortable, feel free to skip this wedding reception tradition — no one will notice that it’s missing. However if it’s something you enjoy, there are lots of pretty and fun options to bring a little extra personality and sass to your big day. Nerdy and custom garters are easy to find online if you want to showcase your interests, while beautiful, elegant garters of all sorts of designs are readily available. Plus size brides may want to seek out a garter made for them. Many “one size fits all” options only fit a few body types. There’s no point in being uncomfortable all day!

The most important thing to keep in mind while picking out your wedding day accessories is to make sure that you’re not overwhelmed by them. You wear your clothes, they shouldn’t wear you! Remember that these elements should enhance your look. If you don’t want to deal with a certain accessory, you don’t need to, even something traditional like a veil. Accessories are a great way to make your wedding look feel more like you and bring your everyday personality into your big day!

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