Should You Record or Stream Your Wedding Proposal?

Getting engaged is a huge moment in this crazy thing we called life. A lot of time, effort, thought, and planning goes into this process, so it’s only natural to want to document this event! We live in an age when many people share major life moments online with others, and COVID has increased this trend. If you are thinking about recording/streaming your wedding proposal, here are a few things to consider. 

You Can Look Back On Your Special Moment

If you want to record/stream your wedding proposal, this video will act as a document you can always look back on for years to come. If you are someone who treasures memorabilia, filming your engagement is a great idea! You will be able to look back and share your special day with future children and family. Getting engaged can also be a big moment in which some people’s minds go blank. If you want to watch your moment after having your head in the clouds, having a recording can be extremely special. 

You Can Include Family and Friends On the Special Occasion

If these past two years have taught us anything, it’s that planning is hard and predicting the future will be nearly impossible. If you want to include friends and family who have been alongside you on your relationship journey, this is a great reason to consider recording/streaming your wedding proposal. This is especially important for those who will be unable to attend your special day or preparation celebrations due to illness or the threat of travel. 

You Can Share the Moment and Inspire Others

Recording your wedding proposal also gives you the opportunity to inspire others and share this unique moment. If your significant other went above and beyond during your engagement, why not show it off! Inspire others to get creative and ask their special person to be their forever companion by sharing your recording. 

Recording/Livestreaming is Cost Effective

Streaming or taping your engagement is an extremely cost-effective way to share your wedding journey. When it comes to wedding planning, expenses are usually at the forefront of your planning process. Getting married isn’t cheap! Recording your wedding is a very affordable way to include loved ones in this special moment. 

If You Don’t Want To Record Your Proposal, Opt For Professional Photos

If you decide that recording or streaming your wedding isn’t a good fit for you as a couple, consider opting for professional engagement photos instead. Trust us, these are moments you don’t want to forget! If you do not want a photographer to capture your special moment when it happens, try to get a few photos after you have received the ring. 

We hope you consider documenting your special day in any way that feels best for you! Congratulations on your big moment.

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