5 Tips For Your Perfect Wedding Shoes

Wedding day dresses are what every bride dreams of finding. After finding that perfect wedding dress, it’s time to match the ideal shoes. Here are five tips for finding your wedding shoes.

Focus On Your Bridal Style

Shoes are a part of your bridal style just as much as your dress and other accessories. Whether you purchase your shoes with your dress or find them at another shop, it is important to consider your overall look and style. For example, if you have selected a modern style dress, and in staying with contemporary hair and make-up, make sure that those vintage shoes that caught your eye work overall. Consider any elements or materials in your dress that can be matched with your shoes.

Make Sure Your Shoes Are Comfortable

Unless you find another pair of shoes that work with your dress, you will have the same pair of shoes on for hours on your wedding day. Not only will you be standing for hours, you also will be walking and dancing in them. Try on multiple styles, heel heights, etc. and go for the one that’s most comfortable. While online websites are a fantastic way to see what kind of styles are out there, what kind of shoes you like, and what would work best with the rest of your wedding day style, always try the shoes on before you buy.

Keep Your Hemline In Mind

Select your shoes before any dress fittings and alterations. The seamstress will hem the dress initially for your ceremony, and if you selected a different pair for your reception, they will add a bustle that will work with that shoe. For the bride with an asymmetrical skirt, find a shoe you want to see in photos first. Ideally, take your wedding dress to the shoe store to see the look.   

Consider Color

As is tradition, there is a blue element to the bride’s wedding ensemble. For brides who want to have fun with color, consider blue shoes for a pop of color. Brides that are more traditional can consider white, champagne, ivory, or nude tones. Metallic can be a fun way to add color and personality to your wedding day shoes. 

Keep Your Venue in Mind

This is an important tip because a bride may pick a different shoe for an outdoor versus indoor wedding. Even outdoor venues may need a different shoe, grass as opposed to the beach for example. Indoor venues can include carpet, wood, and/or marble floor depending on the venue. Keeping your venue and its surfaces in mind will prevent you from accidentally sliding across the dance floor (unless that’s part of the dance).

Consider these tips when looking for a wedding dress shoe. Still looking for the perfect wedding dress? Check out our collection of bridal dresses to find your favorite.

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