Pros and Cons of Getting Married on Christmas

Whether or not you should get married on Christmas (or any major holiday) is something that couples go back and forth on when discussing a wedding date. Holidays are a busy time of year for people, and adding a wedding on top of that may add to the stresses of the wedding party and guests. However, getting married around a holiday can add to the joy of that season. Here are some pros and cons about getting married on Christmas.

Pro: Decor Is Easier During the Holidays

Seeing as venues may be already decorated for the Holidays, the wedding decor will be easier because of what is already there (venues may be hesitant to redecorate for a specific wedding event) . Colors for your wedding and decor are also made easier during the Christmas season because red, green, silver, blue, and gold are the prominent colors.

Con: Some Guests May Not Be Able To Attend

The holiday season is a busy time for people due to family, work parties, and other obligations. If you get married on Christmas, you run this risk of your guests not being able to come to your wedding. For the guests who cannot attend on your wedding day, consider multiple activities such as a welcome or celebratory brunch during the weekend.

Pro: Making Your Reception Playlist Is Easy

The sounds of the season are tough to top when it comes to a wedding reception playlist. If you’re a couple who has a hard time picking music for the reception, consider letting the holiday music be your guide, and make that the inspiration for your playlist.  Holiday music is a general music theme, and within it there are many sub genres such as jazz, rock, soul, and pop to include in your playlist. Music services, such as Spotify, have many ideas to use for your reception.

Con: Travel and Hotels Can Be Pricier

Travel is busier during the holiday season, and with that comes the prices of airfare and hotels being higher. A holiday wedding might be a great idea for you as a couple, however, for guests it might not be. Guests might be paying a higher price for hotels and airfare because of the holiday season, and in the end, may be too costly for them to attend.

Pro: It’s Hard To Forget Your Anniversary

Getting married on Christmas will make it difficult to forget your anniversary. You won’t have to worry about forgetting to get a present, and Christmas can be doubly special because of its personal significance to you. 

When deciding on your wedding date, it is important to factor in the pros and cons of getting married on a major holiday. Check out our collection for bridal dresses to find your perfect dress and our blog for wedding day tips.

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