What Is Your Aesthetic, and How Can You Work It Into Your Wedding?

When planning your wedding, it’s crucial to ensure your event matches your personality. The day is all about you and your partner, and it should exemplify your love story in every way! Prior to planning, you should identify the aspects that define your aesthetic. 

Not sure exactly what your aesthetic is? Talk to your wedding planner about colors, seasons, foods, and atmospheres you enjoy. This is why many couples hire a professional! They can work with you to help identify a main theme. If you’d like to plan for your meeting with a consultant or try to tackle your wedding aesthetic on your own, here are a few tips to help. 

Wedding Attire For Guests and Bridal Party

The wedding attire for guests can carry the theme of your event in a big way. Everything from color to style should be intentional, as it can help your guests carry themselves in a way that represents the vibe of the day. If you are planning a bold-style wedding, choose colors that are bright and bold. For a more modern look, try to aim for light pastels and naturals to help resonate the theme.

Choosing a Venue That Expresses Your Aesthetic

The venue you choose can express your aesthetic in a big way. It all starts with making your guest list and deciding if you want a large or small wedding. There are pros and cons to both! Large weddings can be a fun way to get extended family and friends together, while smaller events can provide a more intimate feel. 

The location of your wedding can also carry your aesthetic in a big way. For example, a church wedding will likely have a very different feel than a beach wedding in the summer. Decide what works best for your wants and needs, then go from there! 

Food Presentation and Plating

Who doesn’t love to chat about food? The presentation and plating of your drinks and meals can also play a role in helping you carry your dream aesthetic on your special day. Try to tie the meal decisions together with the season that you are marrying in. Summer weddings can be well-complimented by seafood and fresh salads, while winter weddings call for a more warm and hearty meal. 

Decor and Arrangements

Of course, the decor and arrangements at your event scream the theme of your aesthetic. You don’t have to break the bank either! Try to scope out stores such as HomeGoods, Joann Fabrics, or local craft stores for inspiration and bulk deals. 

We hope this article helps you identify your wedding aesthetic. Congratulations on planning your special day!

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