How To Plan Your Dream Wedding On a Budget

Almost everyone has an idea of what they’d like their dream wedding to be, even before they know who they want to marry. But as the big day draws near, one of the primary concerns is budget. You might not be able to afford a lavish wedding and honeymoon, but you can still get the most out of your budget and have the wedding of your dreams if you’re clever about it. Here are a few of our tips for planning a dream wedding on a budget:

Determine the Kind of Wedding You Want

You and your future spouse are embarking on this journey together. It only fits to begin the process of planning your wedding with communication. Decide what your dream wedding looks like together. What are the things you both agree that you need? What are the things you’d like if the budget allows? Make a list or take some notes until you have a solid plan.

Buy Flowers Wholesale

Florals can be an expensive part of wedding planning, but you may be able to save money by buying them wholesale. This means that you buy many wedding flowers in bulk. Incorporate them wherever you can throughout your wedding venue and design. If you have any flowers left over, consider giving them out to friends and guests or using them to decorate your home together.

Ask For Help From Your Friends

In lieu of requesting wedding gifts, ask your friends to help you plan or prepare for the wedding. Not everyone will be available, but many of your guests will be happy to help you make your dream wedding come true. Offer to let them stay with you if you have room or have a big dinner with them as a thanks for their help. Maybe they can bring in some decor, or take wedding photos, or make a great playlist for the big day. This will save you money where you might otherwise have to hire professionals.

Make Your Own Desserts

Wedding cakes can be expensive, but if you, your partner, or a friend loves to bake, you might be able to save money by making your own wedding cake. You can even do something creative, like making a dessert bar. If your friends are interested, you could even make a dessert pot luck and everyone could bring a dessert instead of a wedding gift.

Planning a wedding on a budget might seem daunting, but with the right communication and creative thinking, you could have an incredible wedding day for much less than you might have paid otherwise.

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