Pros and Cons of a Small Wedding

When planning a wedding the guest count can have a significant impact on your budget. Whether you plan a large or small wedding, there are pros and cons that you consider. Here are two pros and two cons should you decide on a small wedding.

Pro: More Intimacy

One of the biggest advantages of having a small wedding is generally it will be more intimate. With a smaller guest list, you can have more time to spend with each guest, and that will allow you and your guests to make more memories than you might have with a larger guest list. 

A more intimate wedding will make you and your guests feel like it is a “gathering” and less like an “event” that you may feel with a large guest list. A smaller guest list is more advantageous to a destination style wedding since there is a smaller guest list to manage. Likewise, incorporating a vacation for your guests is more easily done with a small guest list.

Con: A Limited Guest List

While some might want a more intimate vibe, a small guest list may also leave people off the list, particularly if you have a large family and/or circle of friends.  Certainly, your budget may dictate the size of your guest list and you may need to make some difficult decisions. Should you need to cut your guest list, be sure to talk closely with your fiancé and all parents. This will help smooth the stress of making these decisions.

Pro: Cost Savings

Simply put, a smaller guest list may be more budget friendly. However, should the budget support it, you can put the money saved for a smaller guest list towards better food, decor, entertainment, or beverages. With a smaller group you also have the opportunity to hold your wedding at a more  non-traditional venue that would be impractical  for a large guest list.  

Con: Might Not Meet Expectations

All brides have a vision early of what they expect their wedding to be. Some wish for a “large” wedding and sometimes budgets, situations, or other life events impact those plans. Should you find yourself in this situation, hopefully you will do a self-assessment with your partner and agree on a compromise. While you may be a bit disappointed at first, surely working with your partner and wedding party you will all come to plan a fairy tale wedding that you will remember and cherish.  

Consider these factors when deciding if you want to have a small or larger wedding. No matter the final decision, make the wedding work for you and your budget. Check out our bridal collection if you need a wedding gown.

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