The Perfect Wedding Favors for Your Theme

The Perfect Wedding Favors for Your Theme

Finding the right wedding favors for your guests is always a challenge. Is it any easier when you have a themed wedding or is it that much harder? On the one hand, if you have a theme, you have a starting point in your search. On the other hand, you have to find a wedding favor that fits your theme, or it won’t make sense. We can help with that, at least. Here are some of our favorite wedding favor suggestions based on theme:

Nautical Wedding

Getting married on a boat? Maybe one of you is in the navy or you just really love the nautical aesthetic? Then it only makes sense to imbue some of that aesthetic into your wedding favors. We personally love these monogrammed wine glasses with anchor and knot designs on the front. Working a knot into your party favors not only fits with your theme but gives imagery to “tying the knot.”

Rustic/Barn Wedding

For a rustic wedding theme, choose earthy browns and country aesthetics. These cowboy boot bottle openers are pretty cute, and these “eat, drink and be married” can holders will get a laugh out of your guests and hold their drinks for the outdoor reception. For a softer look, consider these lacy candle holders or wooden favor boxes etched with the word “love” inside a heart.

Fall Wedding

Fall will be here before you know it, and it’s a beautiful time of year for a wedding. It’s also full of inspiration for your perfect wedding favors. This pumpkin bottle opener is a fun, timely wedding favor that everyone can use. A personal maple syrup bottles can’t go amiss, either.

Fairytale or Storybook Wedding

What bride doesn’t want to feel like a princess on her big day? That’s why fairytale wedding themes are so popular. For wedding favors that are as magical as the big day itself, this little frog prince would be an adorable option. You could also get fairytale themed bookmarks for a favor that’s both pretty and practical.

Music Wedding

There are wedding themes for music lovers out there, so of course there are music loving wedding favors. One of our favorites is a guitar pick with the couple’s name and wedding date etched into it, a fun memento for guests whether they play guitar or not. Personalized earbuds are another great idea, one that your guests will be sure to get use out of.

Vegas Wedding

Whether you get married in Vegas or you bring Vegas to your wedding, this is a great theme for a fun-loving couple. A deck of cards is a great go-to gift for Vegas themed weddings, or you could choose these chocolate casino poker chips. Shot glasses, which work for any occasion, are especially fitting for a Vegas theme.

Beach Wedding

The old classic. A beach is a perfect outdoor venue and one of the most romantic settings to say “I do” to the love of your life. When we think of the beach, the first thing we think of is seashells, so this seashell tealight holder is a perfect fit. Other fitting options include this sand dollar coaster or personalized matchbox, styled a little like a beach towel.

Any Wedding

There are some wedding favors that make sense no matter what the theme. Shot glasses and wine glasses always go over well, and guests will always appreciate candy. If you can, perhaps the best thing is to give them a nice, handwritten card thanking them for sharing the day with you.

Weddings are about love, and wedding favors are a great way for the newlyweds to show love and appreciation for their friends, as well. Hopefully, with this list, your search to find the perfect wedding favors for your guests will be easier and more inspired. Your guests will be happier for it, too.

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