11 Wedding Exit Toss Ideas for Your Special Day

11 Wedding Exit Toss Ideas for Your Special Day

It’s the perfect way to end your happy day: hand-in-hand with the love of your life, surrounded by friends who literally shower you with affection and well wishes. The wedding exit toss is a great way to help your friends feel included in your happiness, too. Today, there are as many ideas for wedding tosses as there are weddings. Here are some of our favorite ideas, ranging from traditional to silly to uniquely personal:


Rice is one of the earliest wedding exit tosses, tracing back to ancient Rome. Originally, wheat was thrown as a symbol of fertility, but as time went on, the tradition changed to rice. You might not want kids right away—or ever, but many couples still appreciate the traditional appeal. If you and your spouse are big history buffs, you could even go a step further: wheat for the toss.

Confetti or Streamers

Confetti or streamers are always a fun exit to any wedding, and there are a lot of options here. You can choose streamers that fit your wedding’s color scheme, heart-shaped confetti, or even ecofetti for the environmentally conscious couple. Rainbow or streamers confetti can be enjoyed by everyone, but it’s particularly a nice touch for same sex weddings.


A shower of glitter might be a challenge to get out of your clothes and hair, but it certainly makes a pretty display and adds a magical sort of feel to the end of the day. This is a great choice for a fashionista bride, as well.


Let’s be honest, which of us isn’t looking for a socially acceptable reason to break out the bubble wands again? Blowing bubbles at the newlywed couple has the fun of confetti and streamers and the pretty, magical look of glitter. Plus, it’s easier to wash off than either option.

Paper Airplanes

This is a sweet, personal idea for a couple who had a period of living long distance, or for a couple that loves to travel. The paper airplanes can be made beforehand or guests can fold them themselves shortly before sending them flying over the couple. As expensive as weddings can be, this is also one of the more affordable options for your wedding exit toss.


This is more of a wedding exit float than a wedding exit toss, but it is, nevertheless, a very cute idea. Give each guest a balloon and string. As the couple passes by the procession, the guests let the strings loose and the balloons float upward all around the couple.


You can also go with a more edible option for your wedding exit toss. Tossing popcorn has become increasingly more popular. It’s pretty, fun, and guests can have a little bit to munch on before the couple comes through. Just don’t eat the whole bag!


This is a great option for a couple with a sense of humor. Instead of tossing anything, just give each guest a kazoo. As the couple leaves the ceremony or reception, guests will blow on the kazoos to wish them well in their marriage. It might not exactly be the most beautiful music, but it will give everyone a good laugh and a sweet memory to remember.

Flower Petals or Herbs

Or perhaps the newlyweds can be sent off with a sweet fragrance as well as a sweet sight. Rose petals or white magnolia petals are common choices to be thrown at wedding exit tosses, but you can make it personal by choosing petals from the bride’s favorite flowers. You can also shower the couple with herbs like rosemary, thyme, or a combination of sweet smelling herbs. Getting married in autumn? You can even collect autumn leaves for the wedding toss. It’s cute, seasonal, and totally free!


This wedding exit toss is a great idea not just for the wedding party but any birdies in the nearby area. No one has to worry about cleaning up the mess—the birds will take care of that!

Sparklers or Lanterns

If it’s dark outside by the time the wedding ends, or you prefer to do the toss at the end of the reception, there are options for wedding tosses that will light up the procession. Sparklers are a popular choice, beloved by adults and kids alike and an especially fitting idea for summer or 4th of July weddings. If sparklers aren’t your thing, consider about paper lanterns instead. Chinese floating lanterns come with a tradition: make sure all your guests make a wish before they let theirs go. Maybe the newlyweds can even send off their own lanterns.

However you choose to leave your wedding will be special, because it will be your wedding. But your guests will love any of these fun ideas to help send you off with a flourish.

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