Packing For Your Honeymoon

After months of careful planning, your wedding day has come and gone. This means it is time to finally celebrate you and yours while enjoying your honeymoon! 

Typically, couples will choose to embark on their honeymoon in a few weeks or months following their wedding. This gives you just a bit of buffer time to prepare for your vacation extravaganza. In this article, we will explore honeymoon fashion trends and your packing list for paradise.

Create a Mood Board

Stylists and event planners everywhere will agree that completing a mood board before shopping and packing for a special event is the perfect way to ensure your dream look is achieved! There are plenty of different platforms you can create a mood board on. Try using Pinterest or Instagram to save looks that will serve as inspiration when curating your honeymoon wardrobe. This will give your packing and shopping list a boost of extra direction!

Embrace Your Unique Style

Make your mark as a new bride by embracing your own unique style during your honeymoon – now is not the time to play it safe! Experiment with bold colors, textures, patterns, and fabrics. As a plus-size bride, enhancing your unique style can help add an extra boost of confidence and fun. 

Pack for The Weather 

Before embarking on your packing journey, be sure to check the weather in your honeymoon destination. Plus-size brides often try to conceal their shape by covering up. 

However, if you are exploring in a hot climate, this can lead to discomfort and a very sweaty situation! Research the weather and don’t be afraid to accessorize with high-waisted bikinis, pool cover-ups, big hats, and chunky accent pieces, such as shoes and jewelry.

Opt for Comfort 

When it comes to travel, always opt for comfort. Athlesiure sets are some of our favorites to fly and drive in. By purchasing a few matching sets for your trip, you can achieve a put-together look without compromising your comfort.

Be Prepared for Adventure 

You never know what excitement your trip may hold, which is why you should always be prepared for an adventure! Be sure that you pack a few pieces that you feel confident enough to move around in. Some great options include slimming workout rompers, tennis dresses with built-in shapewear, and matching workout sets. These are ideal for hiking, biking, walking, and can transition to a lunch or dinner look. 

Take Inspiration From Your Wedding Day

If you are unsure of what theme to choose for your honeymoon wardrobe, don’t be afraid to take inspiration from your wedding day! Honeymoons are a big photo opportunity for newlywed couples. So, by adding similar themes from your wedding, you can create consistency. For example, if your wedding colors were blue and gold, try incorporating these tones into your looks during vacation. Bonus points if you can get your hubby to play along! 

We hope this article helped inspire you to be bold when packing for your upcoming honeymoon. For more helpful content, or to speak with one of our bridal consultants, contact FanCDesigns today.

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