Curvy Bride Essentials: Shapewear and Lingerie for a Stunning Silhouette

Shapewear has come a long way in the past several years. From trending brands, such as Kim Kardashian’s Skims Line to replica finds at your local Marshalls, shapewear is more accessible and popular than ever. Women around the world have come together to create a new era of shapewear to help everybody feel confident in their own skin. In this article, we will explore lingerie and shapewear for brides who want to achieve a stunning silhouette.

Investing in Quality 

When it comes to shapewear, you get what you pay for. While there are plenty of discounts and deals on the market, shapewear must withhold its elasticity in order to provide the best results. Investing in high-quality shapewear will ensure that your undergarments stay in place under your wedding gown, and throughout the entire day and night of your wedding. Plus, you will be able to re-wear these pieces long beyond your special day!

Types of Shapewear

Understanding different types of shapewear is another crucial aspect of choosing the perfect undergarment for your wedding day. Shapewear exists in all sizes, colors, and textures – there really is something for everyone! 

Some of the most common shapewear pieces we have seen rise in popularity in 2023 have been waist-slimming high-waist thong underwear, boy shorts for enhanced legs, and seamless bras that create the perfect perky effect.

Opt For Comfort 

When it comes to shapewear, don’t worry too much about the appearance of the piece on the hanger. While many undergarments are decorated with lace, patterns, and embellishments, this doesn’t always make for the most comfortable item to have underneath your wedding dress. Opting for comfort will ensure that you feel confident and carefree throughout your ceremony and reception.

Try On Your Shapewear with Your Gown

If you already own shapewear that you love, this doesn’t necessarily mean it will be the best option to go under your wedding dress. Try your shapewear on with your gown to get a real-time look at your figure. Working with a bridal specialist can help introduce you to a new kind of shapewear that is made specifically for brides!

Consider Custom Solutions 

Just like wedding dress alterations, shapewear can be customized as well. Purchasing generic shapewear might not work for everyone, which is why a custom solution might be best for you.

Be Confident In Your Look!

While shapewear can help you feel more confident on the outside, beauty truly comes from it. Be sure to focus on your inner confidence to look and feel your best on your special day.

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