Livestreaming Your Wedding? Here Are Our Favorite Streaming Platforms

Although COVID restrictions have been lifted across the globe, some wedding guests might still feel uncomfortable attending in-person ceremonies. Whether your friends have underlying health conditions, are undergoing treatment, or are older, providing an alternate option to attend your wedding ceremony can help to ensure that everybody important in your life is included. 

In this article, we will explore the best live-stream platforms to take advantage of if you are considering live streaming your wedding.

Social Media Streaming Platforms (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube Live, Twitter)

One of the easiest and most affordable methods of livestreaming your wedding are social media sites. Many of these platforms are extremely popular, making it likely that your wedding guests have already created an account. If you’re considering live streaming your wedding, try to take advantage of sites, such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. These are all very accessible platforms that are free for you to broadcast and free for your guests to stream.

Good Old Zoom 

Zoom is another popular platform you can use when live streaming your wedding ceremony. Most individuals have already created Zoom accounts as a result of remote work, flooding the workspace over the past three years. While Zoom is easy to manage and launch, if you are planning on having a ceremony longer than 40 minutes or having over 100 guests tune in, you will need to upgrade to a paid account.

Google Meet

Google meet is another affordable option that you can use to live stream your wedding. Gmail is one of the most popular emailing platforms out there, making it highly likely that your guests have already created accounts and are familiar with the platform. Google meet is also known for making recording and downloading sessions extremely easy! This means that you can send out a recorded link to your session for those who could not attend after the ceremony concludes.

Amazon Twitch 

Amazon Twitch is an up-and-coming platform that you can take advantage of when planning to stream and record your ceremony. Guests can interact with the live video by commenting, reacting, and screenshotting moments during your special day!

Work With Your Event Planner or Venue Coordinator 

When in doubt, refer to suggestions recommended by your event planner or venue coordinator. Odds are, you are not the first couple who has inquired about live streaming and recording their ceremony. They will be your best bet when setting up a system that works for your venue space and your budget!

We hope this article helped you better understand the options available when exploring live-streaming options for your wedding ceremony. Still looking for the perfect wedding dress? We can help! Contact FanCDesigns today!

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