5 Classic Wedding Dress Styles

When it comes to wedding dress shopping, finding your own personal style to express your true self on your special day is a goal for many brides. Shopping for the most trendy, in-style pieces might seem like the right move at the moment, but will you be happy with your photos years down the line? 

Sticking with a classic wedding dress style is preferred by brides and wedding planners everywhere to keep from regretting your choice in attire. In this article, we will explore 5 of the most classic wedding dress styles.

The Sweetheart (Hello, Feminine Neckline!)

A classic sweetheart neckline dress is the perfect style for the bride looking to keep things classy, while also embracing a feminine touch. You can even choose to wear a deeper sweetheart neckline to show a bit of skin! Sweetheart necklines can be lined with multiple fabrics, beads, and other accessories for an added textural element, which can be the perfect touch for brides who wish to match their accessories and bridesmaids’ gowns with the same theme as their gown. 

Strapless Gowns 

Strapless gowns are a classic yet sexy look for brides who want to embrace the element of showing a bit of skin. These gowns are also ideal for brides who are getting married in the spring or summer as they will help create a cooling effect and avoid day-ruining sweat stains that can occur on sleeves! Off-the-shoulder gowns are a classic style anyone can embrace. 

Fit & Flare Style 

Fit and flare style dresses are ideal for brides who plan to get down on the dance floor. This style offers a fun “cool girl” look for the bride who wishes to accentuate the waistline but still has a bit of fabric to move around with when getting down! For an added pop of fun, consider belting the gown with beads or fabric to elevate the texture of the dress and add some customization. 

Slip Gowns 

Slip gowns are a classic yet bold look for the bride who thinks that less is more (because more often than not, it is!) Slip dresses are typically satin in texture and provide a comfortable feel for brides who have longer ceremonies, such as in churches or other religious traditions. Get creative with coloring if this is your second or third wedding! Silk slip gowns look stunning in light pinks, chrome oranges, or other shimmery colors. 

Mermaid Dresses 

Mermaid dresses are yet another classic perfect for brides who want to accentuate their bust and waist, while still leaving a small element of fun at the tail end of the dress (no pun intended!) Mermaid dresses offer a body-hugging element while also incorporating a pop of fun and texture through the tail of the gown. This style of dress looks incredible with a lace overlay and can help tie your vail into the look!

We hope this article helped you explore classic wedding dress styles that will always be present in bridal shops. To shop for your dream dress for any body shape, check out our collection!

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