How To Find the Perfect Plus-Size Wedding Dress

If your special day is quickly approaching, it is important to be sure that you have all of the details planned out and ready to go! One of the most important aspects of prepping for your wedding day is making sure you have chosen the gown of your dreams. This dress will live on in photo albums, in portraits, and in your mind forever! So, it is essential to make sure you have a well-fitting dress that you will grow to love more over time, as it ages in photos and in your memory for years to come. 

Shop At an Inclusive Store 

Be sure that you book a dress fitting and shopping session at a store that is inclusive to plus-size brides. This can be harder than you may think, as many stores do not carry inclusive sizing on the floor of the showroom, making it so that you have to order the gown in order to try it on. This can be frustrating, expensive, and time consuming! 

One of the most effective ways to shop for your wedding dress is to dedicate an afternoon session with a consultant and try on as many different styles and fits as you can, to get a better idea of what would look best on your body type and spark joy in your soul. 

Research Styles of Interest Online

In order to make shopping for a wedding dress as stress-free as possible, you’ll want to do some prior research and find styles of interest to have a game plan for your consultation. If you go into the session with an idea of what you like and what might look best on your body type, this will help save you a lot of time during your fitting, and every moment is precious! 

Not only will this help you decide what styles are of interest to you, but it will give your consultant more guidance as to what dresses to pull off the rack for you to try! 

Come With An Open Mind

The best piece of advice for any bride when wedding dress shopping is to arrive at your appointment with an open mind. You never know what dresses will look best, even if it is not a style you have previously entertained! Come to your appointment with an open mind and allow your consultant to fit you for a gown that you would not have chosen for yourself. You never know, the fit might surprise you! 

We hope this article helps you better navigate your wedding dress appointment! Come with an open mind, do your homework beforehand, and shop at an inclusive store such as FanCDesigns

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