5 Wedding Dress Trends for 2023

With every new season, we see new trends in bridal wear. What is hot and trendy this year, may not be trendy next year because fashion changes from year to year. Here are our favorite bridal dress trends of 2023. 

Colorful Flowers

Flowers are not something that is new to wedding designs, as brides have been incorporating florals for years. The new trend for 2023 will be wedding gowns that combine colors and patterns to refresh the classic bridal look. This is a versatile style and one that will work well with different dresses, from short to long, from simple to fancy, and everything in-between. In order to complete the look, use simple accessories and jewelry, and let the dress speak for itself. 

Elaborate Ball Gowns

While there are brides who prefer shorter dresses, you will also see a resurgence of the ball gown. With large-scale ceremonies coming back, brides are looking for a dress to fit the ceremony. A dress of this style will be long and flowing, a traditional style that may include short or long sleeves, a style you can wear any time of year.  

Party Style Dress

On the other hand, some brides are going away from the traditional long wedding gown and selecting a shorter style called a “party or mini” style. Consider this style if you are going for a more casual wedding. Even if you prefer the traditional long style, you may prefer this style for your reception or rehearsal dinner. A party dress or mini dress style may work if you’re petite as the style won’t overwhelm you.


Blue has taken over blush as the trendy color in bridal wear. From light hues like periwinkle to the more vibrant tones of sapphire, the color blue can make a statement on your wedding day. As is tradition, you can use blue as an accessory or trim as your “something blue” on your wedding day.

Mini Bow Details 

Bows are a unique detail that can be incorporated into wedding dresses, and designers are always looking for new ways to add bows to a wedding gown. Whether featured on the back of a dress or on the front, 2023 will have mini bows as an option on wedding gowns.This is just a tiny taste of the styles that will be seen next year. Use this as a guide, and find a trend you love, and want to wear on your wedding day next year. Check out our collection to find the perfect wedding dress for your 2023 wedding.

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