Feeling Confident as a Plus-Size Bride

Your special day is right around the corner! As a plus-sized bride, it can seem as though finding the perfect attire to wear during your ceremony, reception, and photos is nearly impossible. Typical bridal shops cater to brides who fit into sizes 2-10, but what about the rest of us? Flaunting your body and embracing your curves is the most important part of feeling confident on your wedding day. 

Be Careful About Who You Invite to Your Fittings 

Dress fittings can be frustrating, no matter what your size is or the occasion you’re dressing for! Be picky about who you invite to your wedding fittings, as these comments can make or break how you are able to perceive your body in the different dresses you try on. You likely won’t find your dream dress the first time. It might take 5,10, or 15 different dresses to even find a style that somewhat suits you! Bring friends and family members who you know will be supportive and loving when it comes to seeing the good, the bad, and the ugly of trying on wedding dresses. 

Prepare For Setbacks

Have you ever heard of a bride saying she ran into NO problems during her wedding planning process? Didn’t think so! Before you go into wedding planning, be prepared for setbacks. Not everything will go to plan. Whether that be the process of finding the perfect dress, dealing with less-than-perfect wedding photos, or having to invite family members you’d rather not see on your special day. Get in the mindset of embracing imperfection in your planning. As a result, you will celebrate the small wins. 

Test Different Hair and Makeup Styles 

News flash – it’s not all about how your body looks in photos! Being confined to having a white gown can feel as though you are swallowing your individuality. Try to express yourself in other ways and get excited about different aspects of your wedding day look. Bold makeup looks, bright colored shoes, or an exotic hairstyle can help you feel more like yourself on your big day. 

Communicate With Your Photographer 

You know your best looks! It can be hard for even the best photographers to find your perfect angles in just a 2-hour session. Especially if you do not use the same photographer for your engagement photos as you do for your wedding day during the ceremony! Communicate with your photographer prior to your wedding day. Ask for a 20-minute practice session where you can review photos and choose your favorite poses. You can ask them to shoot from a specific angle or use a unique lighting preset. It is your day! Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want. 

Choose a Dress That Flatters Your Body Type

No matter what size you are, everyone’s body is different. It is important to choose a dress that flatters your body type. Trust your dress boutique specialist! Just because you like how a certain style looks on Pinterest, doesn’t mean that your body is made to look the same in a similar style. Be open to trying styles you never wanted to consider – your dream dress could be right around the corner. 

We hope this article helped you get excited about the opportunity to customize your special day so that you feel most confident! For wedding dresses catered to plus-sized brides, check out our selection of curvy bride wedding dresses

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