Finding Your Wedding Dress Based On Your Favorite TV Couple

Wedding days aren’t only a big deal in the real world — they’re huge in the fictional world, too! There’s nothing better than watching cherished TV characters have their happily ever after. Plus, if you’re looking for wedding day inspiration, your favorite TV brides offer up some seriously gorgeous looks. Search for your favorite couple below to create your own magical moments from their treasured wedding episodes:

Jim and Pam on The Office

When these two beloved characters finally tied the knot during the show’s sixth season, it was an event filled with aisle dances, mayhem, and a torn veil. While the couple ended up sneaking away for a secret wedding at Niagara Falls, they still returned just in time for their original church ceremony. Pam walked down the aisle to greet Jim in a simple dress with a sweetheart neckline and bodice beading. 

This A-line dress is similar, but with more beading and without the straps. Don’t forget to have your future spouse pull a Jim and cut their tie! 

Chandler and Monica on Friends

Monica’s wedding was carefully planned and coordinated, but no one expected Chandler to get cold feet right before the ceremony! Luckily, the wedding ended with both characters happily at the altar — and a pregnant Rachel taking everyone by surprise. 

Get a similar look with this sophisticated gown paired with a long veil.

Crosby and Jasmine on Parenthood

The long-awaited wedding of Crosby and Jasmine was elegant and moving. As she walked down the aisle to a choir singing Make You Feel My Love, Jasmine wore a romantic wrap dress and Bohemian style flower crown. 

This A-line gown has its own boho vibes. Pair it with a crown and a white cardigan and you’ll be channeling Jasmine’s wedding day  energy on your own big day.

Zack and Kelly on Saved by the Bell

If you’re a fan of the classic show Saved by the Bell, then you must have been glued to your television when Zack and Kelly finally got married. Kelly chose a sophisticated dress with short sleeves and a long veil. Get the modern version with this comfortable, lace gown that is sure to impress.

Cory and Topanga on Boy Meets World

Cory and Topanga’s much-anticipated wedding day was filled with chaos, but Topanga stunned with a dramatic, long-sleeved dress. Recreate the look with this glamorous beaded gown, along with a simple necklace and veil. 

Brittany and Santana on Glee

When Brittany and Santana married during the show’s sixth season, they were also joined by the wedding of Blaine and Kurt! Both brides wore gowns with a touch of Bohemian style and glamour. This dress matches the texture of Brittany’s dress, as well as the sleeves, but with a higher neckline and added bow to make it your own. Santana’s dress, meanwhile, was remarkably similar to this strapless gown with a beaded belt. 

Bernadette and Howard on The Big Bang Theory 

Bernadette wore a dress similar to this one for her sudden rooftop wedding to Howard at the end of the show’s fifth season. In typical The Big Bang Theory fashion, they even had their big day photographed by the Google Maps satellite that happened to be passing overhead! 

Lily and Marshall on How I Met Your Mother

When Lily and Marshall decide to salvage their wedding day by having a simple ceremony in the park, Lily celebrates the occasion in a sweet gown with a bow right at the waist. This ball gown is a trendy upgrade with organza tulle and cap sleeves.  

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