Finding the Perfect Wedding Lipstick

Whether you’re doing your wedding makeup yourself, having a trusty bridesmaid help you, or hiring a professional, you have some big choices to make regarding your wedding day makeup. One of the choices that may make the most impact is what you end up wearing on your lips! A great wedding lipstick compliments your overall look and will last from application through kisses, photos, cake, and champagne! Here are some suggestions to help you make your choice to keep you looking glam all day and all night.

Prep Your Canvas

A great lip look starts with healthy lips. In the months and weeks leading up to your wedding, many brides do a hair and skin care routine to make sure they look their best on their wedding day. As a bonus, these habits are great to keep long after you walk down the aisle! Make sure you don’t forget about your lips as you go about hair masks and facials. Lip scrubs are a great way to get any dead skin off of your mouth and make your lips feel soft. You probably already have a favorite product for chapped lips but make sure you keep it up!

If your lips need some serious therapy, you can find sheet masks specifically for your lips. You’ll likely want to avoid any potentially drying products in the days leading up to your wedding. On the day of your wedding, stick with exfoliating and moisturizing as you get ready. Most makeup artists suggest putting on a super hydrating product and letting it soak into your lips for about fifteen minutes before you apply lip color.

Consider Bold Color

Do you normally favor bold lip colors? If you do, you might not quite feel like yourself on your wedding day if you go minimalist. There’s no reason you can’t rock a classic bright red, a hot pink, or a deep berry if that’s your preference! Just remember to keep your look balanced —  bright lipstick can function as an accessory so if you’re already covered in pretty baubles, you might want something a little more understated. Keep your wedding’s overall look in mind while you make your choice. If you’re in a vintage venue and your decorations are deep crimsons and golds, you might not want to wear a bubblegum pink even if that’s normally your signature color.

Keep It Neutral

Do you not normally wear much makeup? Or do you typically keep it to simple lip gloss and mascara? If so, you might want to pick a nice neutral color for your wedding day. Exactly what defines a neutral lip depends on your skin tone so you’ll probably want to try out a few shades before the wedding so you can settle on something perfect. When in doubt, pick something close to your natural lip color but a little pinker. This should give you a soft, romantic look for your big kiss!

Don’t Budge

Not all lip products hold up the same. Most days, needing to reapply your lip color isn’t a big deal but during your wedding you may not have much time to reapply lipstick between the ceremony, photos, and dinner. Your best bet is to try a liquid lipstick or a matte. These formulas typically hold still for hours meaning they won’t end up smearing during kisses or champagne. If you want to wear something glossy or cream based, keep transfer in mind. It might end up on your new spouse or your glass if you aren’t careful. Assign a bridesmaid to lipstick duty so you know you’re always going to look perfect!

Wear It After!

If you buy a special lipstick for your wedding day, it will probably feel like a special occasion every time you wear it. It can be great to wear your wedding lipstick on your honeymoon and for special occasions like fancy date nights and your anniversary. This might even become your signature look!

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