5 Fun Ways to Propose (That Aren’t Big Public Gestures)

We’ve all seen the couples get engaged at a sporting event with their names up on the big screen for everyone to see. For sports fans that love attention, this can make a big statement and can be a fun way to start the rest of your life together. Rented billboards, grand public speeches, and other huge gestures are often suggested when people are looking for fun proposal ideas.

However, what if your partner is on the shy side? Not everyone enjoys being the center of attention and making your (hopefully!) new fiancée uncomfortable isn’t a great start to your marriage. Here are five fun suggestions that are memorable but won’t come with a side of embarrassment!

1) A Favorite Book

Is your beloved a bookwork? Surprise them with a beautiful new copy of their favorite book and slip in a pretty bookmark with the words “Will you marry me?” written on it. This works especially well if the book is a romance or features a love story they adore, like Pride and Prejudice or The Princess Bride. Have the ring waiting in your pocket for when they find the bookmark and make sure they look for it so you aren’t stuck waiting for them to figure it out. Keep their favorite passage from the book in mind- it might serve as a lovely inscription for their wedding band!

2) Involve Your Pet

Do you have a furry family member that you both adore? Involve your pet in your proposal! If you have a cat or a small dog you trust to not go running off into the backyard, try slipping the ring on their collar and wait for your intended to find it. If they don’t seem to catch it, you might want to prompt them by asking if there’s something shiny on Fluff’s collar. If you have a dog that is good at following simple directions, slip a small sign around their neck and tell them to go see your partner — when they see a message like “Will You Marry My Dad?” you’ll be sure to know. Take a cute photo with your pet afterward to share with social media!

3) A Weekend Getaway

Have you and your love been wanting to take a weekend getaway together? This is a great opportunity to propose in a romantic but private way and the rest of your vacation should be a celebration of your new engagement. Trips to the beach or romantic camping trips are great ideas, especially if you both love the outdoors! Depending on your wedding desires, this trip could serve as a source of inspiration for your wedding day or maybe an idea of where to go on your honeymoon! Ask the question under the stars for an extra romantic touch.

4) Treat Them To A Spa Day

Treating your sweetheart to a spa day or a manicure/pedicure is a great way to surprise your loved one with a proposal on their birthday or for an event like your anniversary! Give the gift of a spa package and they will think that is their whole gift. Encourage them to dress up and take them out to brunch or a nice dinner afterward and propose over a favorite meal. This has an extra bonus: they’ll have perfectly manicured nails for when they want to show off their ring all over social media! Keep things low key for the actual proposal, you don’t necessarily need to surprise them with a ring hidden in their dessert. Just have a nice conversation about how much you love and appreciate them which ends with your proposal.

5) Go For A Romantic Walk

Do you live in a cool city with lots of public parks and cute little shops to check out? Take your honey out for a day to explore your town by going into old antique shops and little boutiques. Don’t worry about rain or snow putting too much of a damper on your day — just make sure you’re both dressed for it in comfortable clothes and have an umbrella ready. If we go by Hollywood cliches, a little rain and a shared umbrella can add some fantastic romantic ambiance. If they day is clear, check to see if there is a botanical garden or a public rose garden in town. This can be a beautiful way to propose without overwhelming your love.

Bonus: The Non-Surprise Option

As much as you might be looking forward to a surprise, that’s not for everyone and isn’t right for all couples. A big decision like marriage definitely warrants some conversation! You and your future spouse may be best off having a long talk about it — there doesn’t have to be one big romantic moment. Taking an afternoon to discuss how your lives can compliment and grow together will leave you with a wonderful memory. You can then take your new fiancée ring shopping and pick out the perfect ring together.

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