Favorite Wedding Dress Styles of 2019

A wedding dress is an important decision for a bride to make for her big day. With styles and trends changing as rapidly as the rest of the fashion industry, what is popular this year may not be as popular next year. Here is a look at some of our favorite styles and trends for 2019.

Royal Inspired

The royal wedding trend is still popular this year, luckily. This style features long white dresses designed with lace from top to bottom and dramatic trains. The sleeves can be anywhere from long, three-quarter, or a short cap sleeve making it a perfect choice for all seasons. Seeing as this is a style inspired by the royals, a tiara or crown completes this iconic style. 


Another trend we are seeing on brides this season is for the minimalist; simple yet beautiful. Notable features of this trend are clean lines, a tailored look from head to toe, and a hint of the 90’s make this a fantastic look for any no-fuss bride. The color of these dresses tends to be white or off white, however, the sleeves can get creative and dramatic as a way to make this style your own. A bride looking for a more simple dress to highlight shoes or accessories would love this style. 

Another Shade of Purple

In 2018, we saw a huge violet trend in bridal. This year brings us lavender, which is an excellent choice for those that do not wish to wear white in their big day. The style uses lavender and other pastel colors to complete the ensemble. The trend comes in a variety of styles featuring a variety of sleeves and lengths.

The Cape

While the trend is more of an embellishment and has not been seen in wedding fashion in a while, the cape is a perfect accessory for a bride who wants some added flair. The cape comes in different styles and lengths to match anyone’s taste. Whether down the aisle or at the party, the cape is the perfect way to remain warm and look cool on your wedding day. 


Yes, this may not be considered a trend but floral is a style this season in bridal! Big, hand cut florals with bold patterns are used to create a look perfect for someone who wants to be bold and make a statement. The style also uses color and texture for added drama.  This style features a variety of dress lengths and sleeves.  Finding a wedding dress can be a tough task but sticking with a style you love is a great place to start. If you do not know what style you prefer, try a variety of styles before finding the one that works best for you figure and theme. Looking for your own perfect wedding dress, especially as a curvy bride? Check out our collection today.

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