Creative Date Ideas

Do you and your partner have regularly scheduled date nights? If not, this is your sign to do so. Studies show that couples who prioritize date nights are more likely to stay together and have healthier relationships overall. If it seems like you have visited every day, but possibly near you, this article will help you come up with new creative ways to spend quality time with your significant other.

Go To a Pottery Studio

Getting creative with your partner is a great way to express yourself and learn about each other’s artistic abilities! Pottery studios are a great way to spend time focusing on meditative practice. You will get to pick out which pottery piece you’d like, choose your colors, and solidify a second date when you go to pick up your pieces!

Visit a Local Brewery 

Instead of stopping by your typical dive bar, consider visiting a local brewery and trying craft beverages that are not sold in stores. Many breweries also offer tours of their facilities, to show visitors how their product is made, and manufactured. Cheers!

Go To a Drive-In Movie

Since many movie theaters have closed down as a result of COVID, it’s important to get creative when trying to watch your favorite featured film. Instead of streaming your favorite movie from the couch, consider stopping by a drive-in movie theater for a retro and affordable date night.

Attend a Standup Comedy Performance 

Visiting your local bar doesn’t have to be boring! Check-in with your favorite pub and see if they offer after-hours stand-up comedy or karaoke nights. You will be surprised that many establishments offer weekly, trivia nights, game nights, karaoke, and more! Sometimes, they even offer prizes, so you and your significant other can let your competitive edge shine.

Cook Together at Home or at a Class

Cooking together is a great way to bond and spend some quality time together. Plus, it will ensure that you both how about with dinner for the evening! If neither of you are good in the kitchen, consider stopping by a local cooking class and picking up some tips from the pros.

Workout Together

Staying active is an important part of being physically and mentally fit. Consider attending a workout class with your partner to get your sweat on. Many fitness studios even offer drop in first time, free classes for clients who are hoping to test out a new exercise routine.

We hope this list helped inspire you with new and creative ideas for your next date night! For more helpful content on all things love and marriage, contact us today.

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