Can a Long Distance Relationship Last?

So, you found your perfect match. They have a steady job, similar values, a great family, and the ability to always make you laugh. What’s the catch? They live far away, and you will have to commit to a long-distance relationship. 

When committing to a long-distance relationship, it is common to ask yourself how long you will be able to go without consistently seeing your significant other. Will living far away be a temporary fix, or will you have to commit to long-distance for a substantial period of time? 

Long-distance relationships can put a strain on even the healthiest couples. In this article, we will explore how to make long-distance relationships last so that you can keep the flame going. 

Embrace The Virtual World (Hello, Date Night!)

Long-distance relationship couples are lucky in this day of age, as we have access to a variety of virtual platforms to call, text, and video chat with one another no matter the distance. When trying to make your long-distance relationship last, it is important that you embrace the virtual world. 

Try to plan a virtual date night where you video chat with your significant other face-to-face. This can mean sharing a meal together that you order for one another through a delivery service, or hosting your very own virtual craft tonight where you share in a new experience. 

Consistency is key, so make sure to plan your virtual date nights often! 

Have Something to Look Forward To

When working to maintain a healthy long-distance relationship, it is important to have a plan in place for seeing each other again in the future. Frustrations can arise if you and your significant other do not know when the next time you will be able to see each other will be. If you have a date set, you will be able to look forward to seeing your significant other again, and plan activities for your time together. 

Send Letters and Gifts in The Mail

Don’t knock good old-fashioned snail mail! To show your significant other you are thinking about them, consider sending letters back and forth through the mail. These letters can contain notes, photos, or other items that remind you of your significant other. Sending letters through the mail creates excitement around communication, and gives you both something to look forward to! 

Set Expectations

Long-distance couples oftentimes struggle with trust, as they cannot be by each other’s side when engaging in social activities. While it is important to trust that your partner will not engage in infidelity, setting boundaries is a healthy way to make sure you are both on the same page. Try to set expectations with your partner as to how often you will communicate throughout the day, boundaries when going out, and what needs need to be met in order to maintain a healthy relationship. 


When in doubt, over-communicate! Because your primary form of communication will be virtually through the phone, it is important to make an effort to go out of your way and stay in touch as often as possible. The frequency of communication is not the only thing you should be focusing on, as over-communicating your thoughts, feelings, and needs is crucial when living in a virtual world. 

Keep Things Fun!

Remember, relationships are supposed to be fun! Be sure to keep putting in the effort to maintain a flirtatious and exciting spark between you and your significant other in order to keep both parties interested and invested. 

Be Honest With Yourself 

Last but certainly not least, be honest with yourself. Long-distance relationships are certainly not for everyone! They can take a lot of time and effort away from things like spending time with family and focusing on one’s career. Be sure to evaluate your priorities and decide if investing in a long-distance relationship is right for you. 

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