Can You Have a Bridal Party During a Pandemic?

Planning a wedding can always be a stressful endeavor, but people who are currently planning their wedding during the COVID-19 pandemic have extra levels of stress added on top of normal wedding worries. Maybe you already rescheduled your spring or summer wedding, having hoped that the pandemic would be over by the time your new date rolled around or perhaps you’d thought your wedding date was in the clear.  If you’re now figuring out how to make sure your wedding is safe and healthy for your bridal party and your guests, you might be wondering what changes you’ll need to make. Can you even have a bridal party?

Consider Forming A Self Quarantine Bubble

One of your biggest questions may be if it’s even possible to have a bridal party while keeping everyone safe. If you are dismayed at the idea of not being able to spend quality time with your bridal party, you may want to suggest that you all form a “quarantine bubble” prior to your wedding, only seeing each other face-to-face while limiting your contact with other people. This may not be feasible for everyone, but is worth mentioning to your bridal party to see if it’s an option.

In addition to possibly forming a quarantine bubble with your bridal party, other options you may consider to keep yourself, your bridal party, and your guests safe, include holding your wedding outside in a large area. You could seat your guests according to their households to help encourage social distancing at your wedding. Pay close attention to your local guidelines and recommendations so you can make a safe, healthy choice for everyone.

Fashionable Face Masks

One of the best ways to keep yourself and your loved ones safe is to make sure that everyone at your wedding is wearing a face mask. Fortunately, you’ll be able to find fashionable designs that won’t seem like you’re wearing medical equipment on your wedding day. You can even order pretty matching masks for your bridal party. Perhaps you can use excess fabric from alterations to make sure that they match your wedding wardrobe perfectly? 

It’s also a good idea to have masks on hand for your guests. Custom masks can make a great wedding favor and can add some fun to your wedding photos. Another option is to have a package of disposable masks that way if any guests arrive without a mask, you can provide one. 

Be Understanding

One of the most important things that you can do as you plan your wedding is to be understanding of your loved ones. Everyone has different circumstances and some of your friends and family may not feel comfortable attending your wedding in the current pandemic. This includes people who may have otherwise been members of your bridal party. The best thing that you can do is find other ways to connect with your loved ones.

Many couples have elected to livestream their weddings so that more of their friends and family can celebrate with them. You can also reach out to people you were close to and see if they would be comfortable with other parts of your wedding preparations even if they aren’t comfortable attending the actual ceremony!

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