5 Ways to Deal With Wedding Stress

Wedding planning can cause stress and anxiety, no matter how small or large you plan for your wedding to be. The time between the engagement and your wedding can be a stressful time for any couple because there is so much to do. Here are 5 ways to deal with wedding stress:

Keep a Wide Contingency For a Budget

A large source of stress for your wedding is your budget. How much money will it take to have the wedding of your dreams? Seeing as it is easy to go over budget with wedding plans, to help ease wedding stress, consider  keeping at least 15% contingency over what you plan on spending. Another way to handle wedding stress is to remember that you shouldn’t have a wedding you can’t afford, and to keep your budget in mind as you go. 

Both of You Should Plan the Wedding

One way to cause stress for you both is if only one of you plans the wedding. At least one of you will become stressed, and probably both due to tension and resentment. Marriage is a shared experience, and the planning should be no different. It’s better that both of you be invested in your wedding planning from the beginning. An app or a website is a great way to make a collaborative planning list.


Make a list of your essential requirements for your dream wedding, and refer to this list to keep everyone on track. With wedding planning, it is very easy to get off track. Suddenly, one priority item gets missed because you spent too much time doing something secondary. Prioritizing helps you feel less stress and anxiety by focusing on the important/essential things first.


Wedding planning is turbulent, so consider mediation when you feel stressed to help relax your mood before you get back to planning your wedding day. Meditation is a fantastic way to relax. Your phone’s app store even has apps to help you feel calmer in 2-10 minutes.

Have a Date Night With No Wedding Planning

Wedding planning can cause strain in a relationship. Sometimes you just need to step away and focus on the two of you without wedding issues; consider a date night. Family, budget, and plans are the stressful part of wedding planning, so tabling them for a night allows you to reconnect and remember why you love each other.

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