Best Seasonal Flowers For Your Wedding

From bouquets to centerpieces, most weddings feature flowers as a prominent part of the decorating scheme and “look” of the day. Some brides know their favorite flowers and already have a plan for what to tell their florist about what they want. However, not everyone goes into their wedding knowing what they want and what their options are.

This blog can serve as a starting off point to give you an idea of what you may be able to get based on season. Remember that if your heart is set on a certain type of flower, you should be able to have it ordered year round but you’ll likely be paying much more for any out of season flowers. This guide can give you some ideas to avoid that! Wedding flowers are expensive and generally only last for the day- this guide can help you make budget friendly choices.

Spring Flowers

Peonies are a striking, popular flower thanks to their soft colors and large fluffy blossoms. White and pinks are the most popular colors for peonies. Sweet peas are popular and sweet scented — so sweet that you may want to be careful while you pair them with other flowers in your bouquet. You don’t want it to feel like a perfume shop while you walk down the aisle. It may also be best to not use them at guests’ tables where they’ll be eating food. Lily of the Valley is a delicate flower, but is very popular for bouquets. Even Duchess Kate carried a simple bouquet of Lily of the Valley.

Summer Flowers

One rustic choice is to use sunflowers. Smaller blooms can accent your bouquet while larger ones can serve as venue decor or decorate your cake. Zinnias are a beautiful high impact flower. They have an adorable meaning of friendship so they’re a great choice for your bridesmaids’ bouquets if you want to send a message in addition to decorating your day. Cosmos are a brightly colored option that can give you the effect of a garden wedding.

If you’re planning to incorporate any flowers into your summer bouquet, remember that some flowers don’t respond well to heat. Make sure they stayed climate controlled (ideally inside) and that you pick sturdy blooms!

Fall Flowers

Many brides who choose fall weddings don’t use flowers as much as brides in other seasons. Instead, many brides focus on pretty fall foliage and lots of texture. While natural falling leaves will be available in most backyards with a tree, you will likely want to use fake leaves in your decor. You don’t want them crumbling and making a mess or getting into people’s food. Brightly colored stems and even berry vines can be a great choice for fall. Take a look at stems of crabapples for centerpieces. For actual flowers, you may want to consider the striking dahlia. Marigolds are another great option to bring warmth and texture to a fall bouquet or arrangement.

Winter Flowers

Winter floral arrangements are often very striking with bold reds and greens against stark white. Poinsettias are popular and beautiful in decorating for this time of year. Holly and ivy are also popular for decorating in winter. Not all winter wedding floral arrangements have to be lush greens and reds. Forget Me Nots are a great option that come in a lovely blue color.

Year Round Favorites

Some popular flowers are available year round. Roses are perhaps the most popular flower for weddings and for romantic gifts — which means that they’re regularly available all year. Just avoid holidays like Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day; the flowers will still be available, but there will be an upcharge. Baby’s breath is also available all year and is great both as a filler but all baby’s breath arrangements can be ethereal. For a great, inexpensive option with lots of color choices, consider carnations. These flowers can take the place of other fluffy flowers in arrangements and can be almost any color.

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